Nikon Prostaff 1000 (BKA151YA) Nikon rangefinders opinie

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Nikon Prostaff 1000 (BKA151YA)
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195 EUR
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Nikon Prostaff 1000 (BKA151YA)
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Be always ready with the handy PROSTAFF 1000 laser rangefinder

With a range of 5•??910 m, the handy and lightweight rangefinder equipped with a measurement priority switching system offers the versatility of two measurement modes. The foreground priority mode gives the distance to the nearest object in the group, while the priority foreground mode gives the distance to the furthest object. With the touch of a button, the distances are immediately displayed with an accuracy of one meter. Even more possibilities are offered by the choice between single measurement and continuous measurement for up to eight seconds, and high quality, multi-layer anti-reflective coatings monocular with 6x magnification generates a bright and contrasting image.


Convenient scanning of the entire area, as required, due to the large measuring range of 5•??910 m. Thanks to the comprehensive system of switching measurement priorities, the PROSTAFF 1000 rangefinder helps to quickly identify the target. For overlapping objects, you can choose the foreground priority mode to measure the distance to the nearest object or the second plan priority mode that will measure the distance to the furthest target. The measurements are quickly presented on an easy to read display, in 1 m increments. If a single reading fails, the measurement will automatically resume for a maximum of four seconds until successful. Pressing and holding the power button starts continuous measurement for up to eight seconds, enabling terrain scanning for quick and easy measurement of distances to many objects.


To provide a clear and contrasting image that makes it easier to identify the target, the high-quality monocular with 6x magnification is equipped with multilayer anti-glare coatings on the lenses and prisms. A large distance of the exit pupil of 16.7 mm increases the comfort of aiming, even for people wearing glasses. Diopter adjustment, in turn, allows you to fine-tune the display focus to your eyesight.


Handy and lightweight design and a wide measuring range - all thanks to the device, which after aiming can be easily put into the pocket. The PROSTAFF 1000 rangefinder has a solid construction and is resistant to rain, thanks to protection corresponding to the JIS / IEC class 4 (IPX4), and offers a wide temperature tolerance range from -10?C to + 50?C. It is a durable and reliable equipment that you can count on reliable operation regardless of the measurement location.

The most important features

• extremely light, compact and ergonomic
• measuring range: 5-910 m
• priority mode of the second plan allows displaying the distance of the farthest object based on many results obtained during one measurement, which is especially useful in forested areas.
• single or continuous measurement (up to 8 seconds)
• displaying the distance at 1 m intervals
• high-quality 6x monocular with multi-layered anti-reflection coatings for a bright and clear image
• a large offset of the exit pupil translates into the convenience of users who wear glasses
• weather resistance

The most important features

• measuring range: 5-910 m
• magnification: 6x
• lens diameter: 20 mm
• field of view: 6 °
• exit pupil: 3.3 mm
• exit pupil offset: 16.7 mm
• measurement method: first or second plan priority
• distance display (step): 1 m
• distance measuring accuracy: +/- 1 m (up to 100 m), +/- 2 m (from 100 m)
• automatic switch off: after 8 seconds
• power supply: 1 x CR2
• dimensions: 91 x 73 x 37 mm
• weight (without batteries): 130 g
• working temperature: -10 ° C to 50 ° C
• water resistance: rain / splash resistance
















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