Set of fundamental dyes and preparation tools (TPL) slides opinie

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Set of fundamental dyes and preparation tools (TPL)
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Set of fundamental dyes and preparation tools (TPL)
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Our original set of dyes and microscopic preparation tools, professionally selected and prepared by our specialist. Probably the most interesting ready-to-use set of this kind on the market. The set includes a comprehensive instruction with instructions for preparing preparations and selection of the proper method of coloring for a specific biological material.


Prepared dyes are aqueous solutions with concentrations from 0.1% to 10% - concentrations are prepared depending on the nature of the dye and needs. Distilled water was used for the preparation of the solutions, as well as the corresponding addition of ethyl alcohol, depending on the needs.

The set contains the following dyes (approx. 10 ml each) in brown glass bottles, equipped with a spatula - dropper:

Lugol's liquid - an aqueous solution of iodine in potassium iodide used for staining bacteria by Gram, starch, cell cytoplasm and many other methods

crystal violet - an aqueous solution with the addition of alcohol to stain the bacteria using the Gram method

safranina O - an aqueous solution with the addition of alcohol to stain the bacteria using the Gram method

nigrozyna - 10% aqueous solution - negative staining of experimental microorganisms including bacteria

neutral red - an aqueous solution with the addition of acetic acid - experimental staining of microorganisms, in particular protozoa

Congo red - dyeing yeasts, bacteria as well as survival staining of protozoa. Used also as an indicator of acidity

methylene blue - staining of white blood cells, bacteria, pH indicator. The component of Giemsa dye

Nile blue - lipid staining, as well as an experimental dye in the staining of microorganisms, staining

eosin Y - cytoplasmic staining, red blood cells (component of the Giemsa dye). Widely used in histology and cytology dye, as a contrast dye for hematoxylin

hematoxylin - staining of nucleic acids, a cell nucleus; the basic dye used in histology together with eosin. Includes a dye solution together with alum-potassium alum - Mitchell's hematoxylin

isopropanol - isopropyl alcohol - used interchangeably for decolourising instead of toxic methanol and ethanol

The above uses of dyes are not exhaustive, examples of applications and typical experiments can be found in the accompanying information brochure as well as in specialist and popular literature.


microscope slides - clean basic 50 pieces + 100 covers

specimen needle - preparation needle with a steel knurled handle

scalpel no. 11 - a single surgical scalpel with a plastic handle and a protective cover

tweezers - precision straight tweezers with rounded tips and a knurled handle

Pasteur pipettes - ten pipettes made of polypropylene with a capacity of 1 ml and 3 ml

watch glass

glass bottles - two glass bottles with a capacity of 10 ml of brown glass, with a screw cap and a spatula attached to it

plastic vials - five 1.8 ml vials with screw cap

• a suitcase - made of polypropylene with a clasp and a cord

(the appearance of the set may differ slightly from the pictures presented above, depending on the delivery)

Below are examples of staining effects (click to see the full size photo)

(bacteria + nigrosine)

(bacteria + nigrosine)

(slippers + red inert)

(slippers + red inert)

(slippers + red inert)

(blood + blue of the Nile)

(blood + blue of the Nile)

(blood + methylene blue)

(blood + methylene blue)

(epithelial cells + blue of the nil + eosin)

(epithelial cells + blue of the nil + eosin)

(epithelial cells + blue of the nile)

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