Sagittarius Scholar Bino 40-400x (Sagittarius) educational opinie

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Sagittarius Scholar Bino 40-400x (Sagittarius)
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110 EUR
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Sagittarius Scholar Bino 40-400x (Sagittarius)
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The Scholar Bino microscope is a compact, the cheapest on the market in this class, a well-equipped microscope for both beginners and intermediate amateurs of microbiology adventure.

The microscope is equipped with a bino (binocular) head with adjustable eyepiece spacing.

The focusing module is controlled by a coaxial micro and macro screw, allowing precise focusing.

Wireless power supply by means of batteries located in the base ensures the possibility of using the microscope anywhere. The microscope can also be powered from the mains via the mains adapter.

Three lenses in combination with 10x eyepieces allow for magnification from 40x to 400x . The use of separately available 16 mm eyepieces (23 23 mm frame) allows for magnifications up to 640.

The microscope is equipped with LED lighting and regulation of lighting intensity for both upper and lower lighting. The switch to select the type of lighting allows testing in transmitted light, reflected light or simultaneous selection of both lighting. Two lighting modes allow observation of transparent, translucent and opaque preparations. A six-band aperture diaphragm was located under the table to select the right iris for the preparation.

The precise, mechanical XY cross table enables accurate positioning of the specimen.

The Scholar Bino microscope body is made of metal casting ensuring a secure microscope positioning.

Technical parameters

• type of microscope: biological, school
• head: binocular
• magnification range: 40-400x
• glasses: WF 10x 23 mm
• lenses: 4x, 10x, 40x (S) - amortized
• tube enlargement: 1x (without optics)
• upper lighting: adjustable, LED
• bottom lighting: adjustable, LED
• power supply: mains (mains adapter included) and battery (3 x AA 1.5 V, storage tank in the base)
• XY cross table with vernier scale: yes
• table-top diaphragms that change the depth of field: yes
• focus adjustment: table, macro screw, micro screw
• height: 30 cm
• weight: 1700 g


• a set of preparations (onion skin, bark of mature pine, cotton - stalk cross section, fly leg, dicotyledonous plant stem)
• slide set for specimen preparation
• tools: tweezers, guillotine (microtome), scissors, dropper shrimp farming kit, and kubator
• plastic cover
• AC adapter
• plastic case for transport and storage


• schools (primary, secondary)
• veterinary medicine
• dermatology
• industry / workshop / service
• gardening and horticulture


24 months

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