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Fotopro X-Go Predator with ball head FPH-62Q green / brown
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126 EUR
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Fotopro X-Go Predator with ball head FPH-62Q green / brown
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The Fotopro X-go Predator series of tripods has been designed for photographers requiring equipment of the highest quality, functionality and stability in difficult field or studio conditions. It's the perfect choice for people with heavier cameras or camcorders.

Functional and stable set

The X-go Predator is a solid, aluminum tripod equipped with a ball head and a monopod function, as well as the "bigger brother" of tripods from the Fotopro series of the X-go Chameleon and X-Gecko.

The maximum working height of the tripod with the installed head is 171.8 cm. At the same time, thanks to the possibility of reverse folding, the X-Predator has small transport dimensions - only 47.5 cm.

The tripod has a three-stage system of inclination of legs, which consists of four sections. Individual sections are blocked by a convenient to use rotary clamp system called T-Lock.

Tripod legs are finished with spikes, which can be attached with non-slip rubber tips included in the set. This ensures the best grip, whatever the ground.

The X-go Predator tripod is equipped with a central column with the reverse mounting function. This solution is particularly useful in macro photography and in shots from the so-called "frog perspective". The thread at the bottom of the column allows you to install another head or hook on it, on which you can hang an additional load to improve the stability of the tripod.

The double security system protects against accidental lowering of the column.

Any tripod with 3/8 "or 1/4" mounting thread can be mounted on the tripod. To change the thread, move the screw using the included wrench.

Solid ball head with a load capacity of up to 12 kg!

Tripods from the X-go Predator line are equipped with the FPH-62Q ball head with a quick mounting plate in the Arca Swiss standard. The head has a set of three spirit levels to facilitate the leveling of the camera and a quick coupling lock to prevent accidental unplugging of the equipment mounted on it.

The FPH-62Q has two precise and smooth knobs. One of them is used to block and regulate the clamping force of the ball, while the other one blocks the movement of the rotational base of the head, which has a 360 ° scale applied, which makes panning easier.

The head, against accidental unscrewing from the tripod, is secured by a screw, tightened with the included wrench.

Two in one - a monopod function

Predator is not only a tripod. It also has the function of a monopod. After unscrewing one of the legs and the central column, we get a 170 cm monopod with a comfortable rubber grip.

Modern and unique design

Among other tripods available on the market, Predator stands out not only with excellent workmanship and functionality, but also with an attractive and original look.

The highest quality and guarantee of reliability

Thoughtful design, the highest quality materials and precision of workmanship make the product will last for years. In addition, all Fotopro tripods are covered by a six-year warranty!

Fotopro tripods from the X-go Predator series are an excellent choice for professionals and advanced photography enthusiasts who expect the highest quality of performance and stable support for their valuable photographic equipment.

Technical specifications

Fotopro X-go Predator tripod with FPH-62Q ball head
• material: aluminum
• maximum load: 12 kg
• weight: 1.96 kg
• maximum working height with the central column extended: 171.8 cm
• maximum working height with the central column lowered: 142.5 cm
• minimum working height: 46.7 cm
• height in transport position: 47.5 cm

Tripod (specification not including the head)
• color: green-brown
• material: aluminum
• maximum load: 20 kg
• weight: 1.56 kg
• maximum working height with the central column extended: 162.3 cm
• maximum working height with the central column lowered: 133 cm
• minimum working height: 37.2 cm
• height in transport position: 47.5 cm
• number of leg sections: 4
• diameters of leg sections: 28, 25, 22, 19 mm
• leg lock type: T-LOCK
• three positions of leg spacing angles
• extendable central column with the possibility of reverse assembly
• platform diameter for the head: 49 mm
• fixing the head with a 3/8 "or 1/4" screw
• non-slip tripod pads
• spikes
• hook

Head (tripod specification not included)
• head type: ball head
• green color
• material: aluminum
• maximum load: 12 kg
• weight: 400 g
• height: 9.5 cm
• base diameter: 49 mm
• ball diameter: 36 mm
• Arca-Swiss quick mounting plate with dimensions: 4.2 x 5 cm
• 3/8 •??tripod thread hole
• three spirit levels
• two lock knobs
• angular scale

Monopod (specification not including the head)
• maximum height: 133.5 cm (170 cm - after extension with a central column)
• minimum height: 44 cm
• weight: 420 g (580 g - after extension with the central column)
• maximum load: 5 kg

Kit Contents
• Fotopro X-go Predator tripod (green-brown) with monopod function
• Fotopro FPH-62Q ball head with a quick-mounting plate in the Arca-Swiss standard
• a set of spare, rubber covers for the tripod's feet
• cover with shoulder strap
• a set of keys
• hook


72 months (manufacturer's warranty)

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