TS 25x100 UHC LE IF binocular astronomical binoculars opinie

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TS 25x100 UHC LE IF binocular

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TS 25x100 UHC LE IF binocular
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TS 25x100 UHC LE IF is a magnificent astronomical binoculars with 25x magnification and 100mm objective lenses (!). It is characterized by a metal construction and mechanics that surpasses all binoculars of similar design and size, which guarantees long life and resistance to transport, and individual focus regulation in each eyepiece and a large depth of focus allows you to easily get a very good picture sharpness and great comfort of observation.

Retraction of the output tube equal to 17 mm and the possibility of extending the eyecups ensures comfort of observation also for those who wear glasses.

The binoculars have built-in UHC filters (wideband nebular filters) inserted into the optical path in front of the eyepieces - this increases the perception of nebular objects both under urban and rural skies. UHC filters are also powerful anti-light pollution filters (they cut pollution by the light of city lamps)

The set includes an elegant suitcase for storing and transporting binoculars

Technical parameters

• Lens diameter: 100 mm
• Zoom: 25x
• Exit pupil: 4 mm
• Lens construction: 6 elements in 4 groups
• Construction of prisms: porropryzmatyczna
• Material of glass elements: optical glass BaK-4
• Field of view: 2.5 ° (44 m / 1000 m)
• Minimum distance of observation: 20 meters
• Removing the exit pupils: 17 mm
• The scope of adjustment of the spacing of pupils: 60 - 74 mm
• Anti-reflective layers: FMC (all surfaces covered with layers)
• Adjusting the focus: individually in each eyepiece, +/- 4 diopters
• Water resistance: YES, O-rings + nitrogen filling
• Weight: 4900 g (8.1 kg with a suitcase)




2 years


This device focuses a lot of light. Looking directly at the sun through this device can result in partial or complete loss of vision.

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