ALT-AZ AZ5 mount with steel field tripod (Bresser) mounts and drives opinie

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ALT-AZ AZ5 mount with steel field tripod (Bresser)
Availability: this product is currently unavailable

ALT-AZ AZ5 mount with steel field tripod (Bresser)
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Bresser single-arm azimuth assembly with a tripod:
• designed for small and medium-sized telescopes
• thanks to the micro-movement knobs it will be possible to track objects even at high magnifications
• simple mounting and compatibility with most dovetail rails available on the market
• Properly selected bearings allow to change the position of optical instruments through pressure without the need to use locks and other types of control
• easy-to-use rail release mechanism allows for quick equipment replacement
• equipped with a leg spreader, which also serves as a table for accessories

Technical parameters

• mounting capacity: up to 8 kg
• assembly weight with a tripod: 7 kg
• tripod height: 75 cm - 125 cm
• assembly working height: 100 cm - 150 cm
• type of tube mounting: dovetail
• the length of the legs: 75 cm - 125 cm
• Leg diameter: 3.81 cm (1.5 "- thicker) / 2.5 cm (1" - thinner)
• head adjustment: 45 ° to the front and 45 ° to the rear
• type of assembly: single-arm azimuth
• body material: powder coated aluminum


2 years

(complete ALT-AZ assembly with high lifting capacity and stiffness)

(a steel stand with adjustable height, with a shelf for accessories, which is also an element stabilizing the distance between the legs of the tripod)

(head with micromovements on wormwheels both in azimuth and height axis)

(the well-thought-out design allows for practically any mutual positioning of the arm, dovetail mounting clamp and micromovement knobs)

(the head arm can be bent by 60 ° or even 120 ° from the vertical in both directions after unscrewing 2 screws)

(the arm can be set at different angles)

(universal mounting plate in the Vixen / Sky-Watcher standard with 2 locking screws - clamping and counter-locking screws; central 1/4 inch female thread, slightly to the side - 3/8 inch thread)

(head elements: micromovements, lock knobs, an Allen key)

(mounting dimensions with the shortest legs)

(assembly dimensions with the greatest length of legs)

Sample observation sets

Sky-Watcher MAK 150 OTA on ALT-AZ AZ5

Sky-Watcher MAK 127 OTA on ALT-AZ

TS Semi APO 70mm 45 ° binoculars for ALT-AZ

TS Semi APO 100mm 45 ° binoculars for ALT-AZ


Question : How about the possibility of observing objects high above the horizon? Can the telescope be pointed to the zenith?

Answer: As for other azimuth mounts, not every tube can be pointed towards the zenith. The range of unattainable zenith distances depends on the diameter and focal length of the tube, the weight of the tube and the angle of inclination of the mounting arm (by tilting the arm, you can increase the observation range high above the horizon). For example, the assembly cooperation with GSO N-203/800 M-CRF OTA was verified (tube φ 23 cm, length 71.5 cm, weight 8650 g) , which after tilting the assembly arm "by 1 hole", i.e. by 60 degrees, it dared to reach the zenith, maintaining full stability. So observations around the zenith are not a major problem for this assembly with the above-mentioned tubes. Potentially heavy and long Newtons (N-250), if they wanted - which we advise against - to attach them, they will have a problem with observations high above the horizon, because their weight and length may not allow the mounting arm to be deflected maintaining high stability, and in the vertical position of the mounting arm, the height range will be in the order of 0 ° - 50 °. However, it should be remembered that the ALT-AZ assembly is not intended to replace the EQ6 class assembly :-)

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