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Levenhuk D870T biological microscope
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Levenhuk D870T biological microscope
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The Levenhuk D870T microscope is a reliable biological three-field microscope that can be used both for observing both light and dark fields. It is widely used in various types of medical laboratories to conduct research in the field of dermatology, cytology, hematology and others. Thanks to the use of the three-lens head after mounting the digital camera on the eyepiece, this model can be changed into a digital microscope. Standard equipped with high-quality planachromatic lenses and 8 Mpix camera with a very good matrix.

The microscope head is inclined at 30 degrees and can rotate 360 ••degrees. Thanks to four planachromatic lenses mounted in the head turret, lighting in the Koehler system, adjustment of the aperture diaphragm and field, this microscope is ideal for professional observation.

The table (140 x 155 mm) can be moved in two axes. Focus is achieved by turning the fine and coarse adjustment knobs to raise or lower the table, increasing or decreasing the distance between the sample and the objective lens. Both control systems operate smoothly, with a range of 25 mm for roughing and 0.002 mm for fine adjustment.
The lighting source is a 6 V / 20 W halogen lamp installed on the basis of a microscope. The brightness can be adjusted.

Opportunity in the dark field

The Levenhuk 870T binocular microscope is equipped with a dark field condenser that can be used when the Abbe condenser is raised as high as possible. The dark field microscope is best suited for blood tests and other biological samples, often offering a higher contrast than in the case of bright field observations. By rotating the lighting ring to the right, you enter the dark box mode.

Technical parameters

• magnification: 40x - 2000x (40x, 80, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x, 2000x)
• glasses: WF PLAN 10x / 23 mm - 2 pieces, WF 20x / 23 mm - 2 pieces
• lenses: PLAN 4x / 10x / 40x / 100x (oil) - planachromatic
• head: triple-barrel (binocular with third optical track for camera or DSLR camera, with C-mount adapter)
• distance between the glasses: 55 - 75 mm
• lighting: 6 V / 20 W halogen lamp, lower
• power supply: 230 V
• weight: 6.3 kg

Equipment included

• 8 Mpix camera
• integrated Abbe condenser system, 1.25 NA, high-class iris diaphragm and dark field condenser
• stage 140x155 mm with XY movable cross table in the range of 70 mm - 50 mm
• sharpness adjustable with a table, macro and micro screw (1:10, 25 mm)
• integrated lighting supply
• Illuminator of the lower lighting
• smooth regulation of lighting intensity
• 6 V / 20 W halogen lamp

About the camera in the set

Levenhuk M800 PLUS camera developed specifically for use with biological and stereoscopic microscopes.

The 8 Mpx Matrix allows you to obtain images with resolutions up to 3264 x 2448 pixels. The camera allows you to adjust the number of frames per second and obtain extremely smooth, detailed and contrasting recordings.

The kit includes a standard USB cable for connecting the camera to a computer, as well as photo and video editing software.

The set includes a CD with special software (Levenhuk ToupView) that allows you to edit previously saved photos: zoom, crop, change the contrast, etc.

The Windows Levenhuk software is available in eight languages: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Turkish. For Mac and Linux systems, it is currently only available with an interface in English.

The contents of the set: camera, adapter 23 mm, adapters 23/30 mm, adapter 23 / 30.5 mm, USB cable, software.

Camera parameters

• speed / resolution: 1.9 fps @ 3264x2448, 8 fps @ 1600x1200, 27v @ 800x600
• single pixel size: 1.67 x 1.67?m
• communication: USB 2.0


lifetime manufacturer's warranty, 2-year shop warranty

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