Advanced handset for Sky-Watcher EQ3 dual drives mounts and drives opinie

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Advanced handset for Sky-Watcher EQ3 dual drives
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69 EUR
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Advanced handset for Sky-Watcher EQ3 dual drives
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Advanced controller for driving in two EQ3 mounting axes

Indispensable for long-term astrophotography, as well as helpful in visual observations. The controller includes an ST-4 interface for the auto guider.

Offers different tracking speeds:
- stellar
- moonlight
- sunny
- 2 speeds of guiding - 0.5x and 2x
- 16x speed for precise positioning of objects in the field of view

This controller guarantees very precise control over the EQ3 assembly drives from the Synta stable.

With the help of the appropriate switches you can select both the northern and southern hemisphere (reversing the direction of tracking) and completely disable tracking.

If the tracking is on, pressing the right / left key (for rotation of the RA axis) will cause the speed to change by the number selected on the 0.5x / 2x / 16x switch.

Example: If the speed is 0.5x and tracking with star speed, pressing one of the right / left keys will result in a speed of 0.5x (1x - 0.5x) and pressing the second key will result in speed of 1.5x (1x + 0.5x). The advantage of this solution is insensitivity to the backlash (looseness) of the assembly. On the other hand, selecting the 2x speed switch will result in speeds of -1x (1x - 2x) and 3x (1x + 2x) respectively. Thanks to this, the operation of guidings, both automatic and manual, can be adapted to changing session conditions. During stronger wind or worse work the gear should be used 2x, while for better conditions - 0.5x.

The controller has the ability to invert the direction of operation of the keys both up / down and left / right, using the appropriate switches on the side of the housing. Thanks to this, the direction of the controller is always consistent with what you see in the eyepiece or matrix, regardless of the optical system's properties and the camera's position in the hood. Thanks to this, you can comfortably use this controller with both the edge caps and the Maksutov and Newton telescopes.

The controller is powered by 6V DC with a minimum current efficiency of 400 mA. Using a higher voltage, eg 9V or 12V, will damage the remote control.


• stepper motor driver in both axes with ST-4 interface
• predefined tracking speeds: stellar, lunar, solar
• additional speeds: +/- 0.5x, +/- 2x, +/- 16x (compensating)
• the ability to disable tracing and reverse direction (for the S hemisphere)
• the ability to reverse the direction of the left / right and up / down keys
• compatible with many autoguiders, e.g. Sky-Watcher SynGuider
• requires installation with a drive with stepper motors, eg Upgrade kit for EQ3 / EQ5 or drives in 2 axes for EQ3 / EQ5 mounting
• power supply: 6VDC / 400 mA. DC plug 2.1 / 5.5mm polarity pin +
• guider interface: ST-4
• drive interface: RJ-4
• dimensions: 130x64x30mm


2 years



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