Delta Optical Biolight 300 + 2,0 DLT-Cam Basic / USB educational opinie

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Delta Optical Biolight 300 + 2,0 DLT-Cam Basic / USB
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Delta Optical Biolight 300 + 2,0 DLT-Cam Basic / USB
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The Delta Optical BioLight 300 microscope is the successor to the most popular biological microscope for Young Researchers and slightly older Micro-world enthusiasts in Poland and Central Europe! The Delta Optical BioLight 300 microscope is an improved version of the DO BioLight 200. BioLight 300 has a completely new design. The optical system has been improved, which determines the quality of the microscopic image. In addition, the microscope has a built-in place for mounting the battery, so that observations can also be carried out without the need to connect to the electricity grid. Such a solution also allows you to take the microscope on a research field trip (eg to the pond, for the observation of aquatic microorganisms). Attention is drawn to the modern design of the body, the holder integrated into the tripod facilitates safe and safe transfer of the microscope (in the case of children, the risk of dropping the device is minimized).

The advantages of Biolight 300 towards Biolight 200 and the distinctive features

• an improved optical system with optical glass of the highest quality allows you to get an even better picture - bright and without distortion
• Built-in battery operation without the need for a plug - it is possible to take the microscope in the field
• a holder integrated in a tripod that facilitates the safe transfer of the microscope
• solid metal body guarantees long-term reliability, made of light and durable alloys
• double adjustment of focus: coaxial macrometric and micrometer knob - it facilitates precise adjustment of the focus, which is especially important especially at high magnifications (in this price range it is worth paying attention to)
• dual lighting system with smooth brightness adjustment: passing (bottom - so-called DIA) for observing preparations on glass slides (transparent objects, transmitting light beam) and reflected (upper - so-called EPI); Reflected lighting allows you to observe non-transparent objects (eg insects, minerals, fabrics, coins)
• LED illumination prevents the preparation and microscope from heating up (no risk of scalding) and guarantees several tens of thousands of hours of work
• achromatic 4x, 10x and 40x lenses as well as WF10x wide field eyepiece
• real range of magnifications obtained thanks to lenses: from 40x to 400x (you can also buy an additional 16x eyepiece and gain 640x magnification)
• cross table with preparation handle and precise shift knobs in the horizontal plane in the X and Y axes - precise selection of the test area
• the movement mechanism of the preparation has a vernier - a special scale that increases the accuracy of the reading
• six-seater wheel with colorful filters that allow you to choose the optimal lighting conditions and get better image contrast during the observation
• a set of ready-made preparations included (you can start the observation immediately after unpacking), preparatory tools (for preparing your own preparations) and materials for maintaining the optics in cleanliness - a detailed list in the "equipment" section

Technical parameters

• monocular head rotated by 360deg, inclined at 45 °
• lenses with glass optics: 4x, 10x, 40x
• wide field eyepiece with a glass optic: WF10x
• the possibility of mounting in the eyepiece tube of a digital microscope camera or glasses with a larger magnification (to be bought)
• range of magnifications in the standard 40x - 400x standard completion
• five different contrast color filters plus one free slot on the rotary dial
• three-socket objective revolver
• upper (reflected) and lower (passing) illumination LED with brightness adjustment - changing the operating mode by means of a switch at the back of the microscope
• Possibility of working on batteries, without the need of connecting to the electricity grid
• 90 x 90 mm functional table with cross mechanism with a specimen mounting holder, equipped with horizontal shift knobs (X / Y)
• the movement mechanism of the preparation has a vernier - a special scale that increases the accuracy of the reading
• coaxial double sided micro / macro knobs for focusing
• solid ergonomic metal stand with a modern design, has a special holder for safe carrying the microscope
• dimensions: 120 x 156 mm (base), height: 290 mm
• weight: 1500 g

digital color microscope camera - parameters

• maximum resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels (2 megapixels)
• sensor size (diagonal): 1 / 3.2 "
• pixel size: 2.8 ?m x 2.8 ?m
• sensitivity: 1.0 V / lux-sec (550 nm)
• dynamic range: 71 dB
• analog-digital converter: 8-bit RGB
• signal-to-noise ratio: 42.3 dB
• frame rate (FPS): 5 fps for 1600 x 1200 px, 7.5 fps for 1280 x 1024 px and 1280 x 960, 20 fps for 800 x 600 px, 30 fps for other resolutions
• assembly in tubes with an internal diameter of 23.2 mm
• interface: USB 2.0
• power supply: DC 5 V via the USB interface of the computer
• Polish-language Delta Optical DLT-CamViewer software with live image preview, photo and video recording, built-in image adjustment functions, filters and measurement functions
• a CD with DLT-CamViewer software included in the set and a fully expanded Polish language instruction manual and a USB cable for connection to a computer
• minimum hardware requirements: Microsoft? Windows? XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 (32 & 64 bit), processor equivalent to Intel Core2 2.8 GHz or better, RAM memory: 2 GB or more, USB 2.0 port or better, screen at least 17 "or larger, CD-ROM drive


• ready-made preparations (5 items)
• glass slides (5 items)
• coverslips (10 pcs)
• plastic box for preparations
• a plastic round container with a lid
• tweezers
• pipette
• test tube
• preparative stick
• preparative stick
• special paper for cleaning the optics
• adhesive labels for labeling preparations
• anti-dust cover for the microscope
• AC adapter


2 years

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