TeleVue Powermate 2x / 2'' (PMT-2200) Barlow lenses opinie

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TeleVue Powermate 2x / 2'' (PMT-2200)
Availability: this product is currently unavailable

335 EUR
price w/o VAT: 273 EUR

TeleVue Powermate 2x / 2\'\' (PMT-2200)
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The high-class 2-in-1 Powermate transfocator is a modern 4-lens telecentric optical converter designed by Ala Nagler, it does not require additional recommendations on the astronomical market, because it is the highest quality at a reasonable price and very well designed optical system, optimal for cooperation with all the glasses on the market and telescopes with a large light even up to F / 4.

An additional advantage of the Powermate optical system is the invariability of the cone convergence of light and the lack of influence on the distance between the exit pupil of the glasses, this is the same as in the classic Barlowach, i.e. it does not change the completely high correction of the Televue glasses, For an observer, virtually invisible in the optical system, if we consider it for the increase of aberration.

With this image quality, it becomes an unattainable tool for observers of planetary planets and astronomers of planetary astrophotography, because it does not degrade the image quality, providing an increase in scale, which is necessary when photographing surface details and planetary atmospheres.

Technical parameters

• binding: 2 "with clamping ring and reduction at 1.25"
• fold: 2x
• filter thread: 2 "
• layers: FMC
• weight: 540 g


2 years

Description of the distributor

"Barlow Lenses, built on the basis of a negative optical element, have certain limitations as to the scope of applications as well as introducing some changes to the characteristics of the entire optical system, for example a single negative lens extends the significant output of the eyepiece. the effect is negligible, but with the focal length, the pupil can move away much longer than it was intended for the design of the glasses, which in many cases results in vignetting and degradation of image quality. The new 4-element optical construction allows you to go where usually the classic Barlow was useless, Powermate, which is Barlow's equivalent from the application side, is a universal construction, made with the use of focusing lenses. Its use does not affect the distance of the exit pupil. " - Al Nagler

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