HIKMICRO by HIKVISION Lynx H15 (SKU: DS-2TS03-15XF/W) thermal camera other opinie

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HIKMICRO by HIKVISION Lynx H15 (SKU: DS-2TS03-15XF/W) thermal camera
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HIKMICRO by HIKVISION Lynx H15 (SKU: DS-2TS03-15XF/W) thermal camera
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Hikvision Lynx H15 is a perfect proposition for all users who appreciate the closure of large possibilities in a compact housing. This design is similar to the Lynx C06 model, but unlike it, it is equipped with a larger sensor and a lens with a focal length of 15 mm, which allowed for a detection distance of 1353 m.

This lightweight, hand-fit thermal imager uses a VOx sensor with a single pixel size of 17 µm, working with an LCOS display that guarantees a vivid and dynamic image with a refresh rate of 50 Hz. The image is displayed on it in one of four modes: white hot (the lighter the color, the higher the temperature), black hot, (colors darken with increasing temperature), red hot (high temperature is marked in red) and fusion, giving different temperatures different colors.

Despite its small size, this device has enormous potential. In order to make the most of its potential, the manufacturer has used a number of the most modern solutions in it. One of them is the DDE technology, which thanks to an advanced algorithm allows you to highlight all the details of the observed objects, while the systems responsible for automatic gain control and digital noise reduction ensure that, even in the most difficult conditions, the user can enjoy a clear and a pristine image.

A high-capacity battery that allows for 7 hours of continuous operation (with the WiFi module turned off) and a sealed casing that meets the stringent requirements of the IP67 standard make this equipment designed for field operation. It is not afraid of hunting, nor professional applications in rescue or property protection.

The most important features of the HikVision Lynx H15 thermal imager

• VOx sensor with a single pixel size of 17 µm
• LCOS color display ensuring very good image quality
• automatic gain control and digital noise reduction
• built-in static rangefinder
• four picture display modes

Technical parameters

• matrix: 384 x 288 px
• pixel size: 17 µm
• NETD: <35 sq m
• refresh rate: 50 Hz
• viewing angle: 24.6 x 18.5 ° / 430 m @ 1000 m
• display: LCOS, 720 x 540 px, diagonal 0.2 "
• focal length of the lens: 15 mm
• aperture: f / 1.0
• digital magnification: 2x, 4x
• rangefinder: yes, static
• battery life: up to 7 hours
• battery: integrated, Li-Ion
• charging: USB-C socket
• powered from an external power bank: yes
• WiFi module: yes
• built-in memory: 8 GB
• movie recording: yes
• save photos: yes
• sealed housing: yes, IP67
• dimensions: 161 x 61 x 57 mm
• weight: 270 g

Kit components

• HikVision Lynx H15 thermal imager
• wrist strap
• USB cable
• documentation

Maximum detection range (detection)

• car: 1,353 m
• human: 441 m

Maximum range of identification

• car: 169 m
• human: 55 m


24 months