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Fenix BC35R
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Fenix BC35R
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Fenix BC35R is an advanced bicycle flashlight with a powerful stream of 1800 lumens, equipped with a functional OLED display, anti-theft alarm and a built-in 5200 mAh battery charged via a micro USB port.


The flashlight body is made of light and durable aircraft aluminum, which has a positive effect on proper heat dissipation and ensures high mechanical strength as well as protection against moisture, dust and full immersion in water (IP66 class). The lighting is mounted on the handlebar of the bicycle with a solid assembly made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon. The bike mount has a flashlight release function. To do this, simply press the locking lever and slide the lamp out of the guide

Optical system

The Fenix BC35R flashlight uses a large CREE XHP50 diode emitting a maximum light stream of up to 1800 lumens and a range of 146 m, so it can be successfully used also in non-urban conditions. The emitted light has a neutral color, does not strain your eyes, ensures faithful color rendering and the ability to recognize more details in night vision conditions. Unlike standard bicycle flashlights, the optical system has been designed so as not to dazzle other traffic users. The specially designed reflector has an innovative cut-out line that blocks the top of the light beam. As a result, the flashlight only illuminates the road in front of the wheel to the height of the steering wheel, without affecting the ability of drivers and passersby to see. The maximum light range is 146 m, which in both urban and out-of-town conditions provides excellent visibility and the ability to react early to the traffic situation.


The power source is a built-in 5200 mAh Li-ion battery that, when charged, provides over 2 hours of operation in a turbo mode of 1000 lumens and up to 28 hours in a low mode of 45 lumens. The battery is charged via the micro USB port, so you don't have to worry about buying a charger and spare batteries. During the charging process (approx. 3 hours), the flashlight is only lit in low mode.

Operating modes and service

Fenix BC35R offers 5 continuous light modes: low •?? medium •?? high •?? turbo •?? burst and 1 flash mode (strobe). Operating the flashlight is extremely convenient thanks to 3 buttons on the flashlight (main switch and "+" and "-" buttons) and a separate remote switch that allows you to instantly activate the burst mode. All buttons have a delicate backlight, which clearly facilitates the use of the device in complete darkness. The main switch also acts as an alarm indicator (red) with a low battery. Operating the flashlight is very convenient and intuitive, thanks to which it does not absorb the cyclist's attention while riding.

Modes of operation
burst - 1800 lumens (20 seconds)
turbo - 1000 lumens (2.2 h)
high - 400 lumens (6.5 h)
medium - 150 lumens (12 h)
low - 45 lumens (28 h)
flashing - 150 lumens

OLED display

The Fenix BC35R flashlight uses a clear OLED display that informs about the light mode used, the remaining operating time (for a given mode) and the percentage battery level making it easier for the user to manage light and energy reserves.

Innovative anti-theft function

The Fenix BC35R flashlight has a built-in anti-theft protection that effectively monitors the bike left behind. The user turns the system on himself by pulling the safety pin. In the event of unauthorized movement of the bicycle, the anti-theft system automatically activates a loud audible alarm (110 dB.), Which can also be used in an emergency or an accident.

Additional functions

The flashlight remembers the last brightness level used. When you turn it on again, the flashlight automatically activates in this mode (memory function). The low battery warning is activated automatically when the defined voltage level drops (red LED of the main switch). The flashlight also has overheating protection in turbo mode. In order to lower the temperature, the controller reduces brightness by several lumens, after cooling it automatically returns to turbo mode.

Technical specifications

• number of lighting modes: 6
• maximum luminous flux: 1800 lm
• maximum range: 146 m
• maximum working time: 28 hours
• housing material: anodized duralumin
• IP rating IP66
• diode type: Cree XHP50
• LED life up to 50,000 h
• cell power supply, non-removable built-in battery (5200 mAh / 3.7 V Li-Ion) × 1
• weight without batteries: 283 g
• kit components: flashlight, microUSB cable, handlebar mounting with rubber inserts, remote control, spare seal for assembly


24 months