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Fenix TK25 UV
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83 EUR
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Fenix TK25 UV
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Fenix TK25 UV is the next edition of the proven tactical flashlight for uniformed services, emitting a powerful stream of white light 1000 lumens and ultraviolet light 3000 mW, used to examine traces and detect counterfeits.

Fenix TK25 UV is a solid flashlight made of resistant aviation aluminum with HAIII anodizing, a military specification that provides the highest resistance to abrasion and scratches. The matt black coating prevents light reflections.


The inch body of the flashlight has a characteristic grille that improves grip and prevents the flashlight from slipping in your hand. The rotating head is additionally milled, which allows for one-hand operation. The tactical nature of the flashlight is emphasized by a metal bezel and a rear double switch enabling immediate activation of selected flashlight functions. Bezel (colloquially lace) not only protects the head against damage to the optical system, it also allows you to use the flashlight as a kubotan, i.e. a self-defense element.

Fenix TK25 UV has also been equipped with a titanium jaw clip (with the possibility of disassembly) facilitating the attachment of the flashlight to the equipment and carrying it on a belt or pocket. The IP68 protection class means that the flashlight is resistant to dust, falling from a height of 1 m and full immersion in water (up to 2 m).

Two colors of light

The heart of the flashlight are two diodes, white Cree XP-G2 emitting a maximum stream of 1000 lumens and a UV diode with a power of 3000 mW. The maximum range of white light is up to 225 m.

Ultraviolet light is used at short distances by hunters, uniformed services, in forensics, forensic medicine and detectives. Light parameters are measured and reported according to ANSI / PLATO FL1 standards.

Modes of operation

Operation of the Fenix TK25 UV torch is done by turning the torch head (selection of the type of light) and via the rear double switch. Changing the color of the light is extremely simple and convenient, just turn the entire head of the flashlight. This patented system works in any direction without having to "twist" the head. The mechanism works smoothly and softly, it can also be conveniently operated with gloves.

The double switch located on the back of the flashlight consists of two thoughtful buttons: tactical and functional. The tactical switch acts as a momentary switch, when fully pressed, it turns on steadily. The function switch is used to change (with one click) the brightness levels in order: low, medium, high, turbo. It also allows you to immediately activate the strobe function (the flashlight must be turned off) or UV light.

The Fenix TK25 UV flashlight is fully compatible with the AER-03 cable gel switch and ALG-00 mounting enabling its attachment to a firearm.


The flashlight can be powered by a 18650 lithium-ion battery or two CR123 batteries, which are characterized by high resistance to low temperature.


• white-UV light color switching by turning the flashlight head
• possibility of using the AER-03 gel switch
• current control ensures constant brightness
• reverse polarity protection to protect against the effects of incorrect battery installation
• momentary tactical switch
• separate switch for changing modes and switching on strobe immediately
• construction made of durable aviation aluminum resistant to oxidation
• premium HAIII anodizing with the highest abrasion and scratch resistance
• hard mineral glass covered with anti-reflection coating

Technical specifications

• brightness: up to 1000 lm (white light)
• UV LED: 3 W
• maximum white diode lighting time: 100 h
• maximum white diode lighting time: 6 h 25 min
• maximum range: 225 m
• number of modes: 6
• LED life: up to 50,000 h
• light source: XP-G2 (R5) diodes, 3000 mW UV diode
• power supply - 2 × CR123 or 1 × 18650 (not included)
• body diameter: 25.4 mm (1 inch)
• head diameter: 40 mm
• fall resistance: up to a height of 1 meter
• water resistance: IP-68 - completely dustproof and protection against complete, continuous immersion in water under pressure
• overall length: 143 mm
• weight: 156.5 g (without batteries)


66 months (after registration at http://latarki-fenix.pl/rejestracja-latarki)

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