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Fenix E30R
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66 EUR
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Fenix E30R
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The Fenix E30R is a long-awaited everyday use flashlight with an impressive 1600 lumens light output, with a battery charging function via a magnetic USB port and convenient operation via a side switch.

The E30R is a great EDC flashlight that many Fenix fans have been waiting for. All thanks to the powerful beam of light, amazing functionality in everyday use and performance that provides a convenient charging system.

The flashlight tube is made of anodized aircraft aluminum, which guarantees high resistance to damage and solidity of the structure. Thanks to the transverse knurling of the surface, the flashlight does not slip from the palm of the hand, and its grip is well perceptible.

The flashlight measures only 99 mm, with a battery weighs about 100 g, so it can constantly accompany us in everyday activities.

The light source is the new generation LED LUMINUS SST40 LED, emitting a maximum light stream of 1600 lumens at a distance of up to 203 m. Cool-neutral light color reduces eye fatigue, provides more natural color rendering and better visibility of details.

The flashlight uses a modified collimation lens with a thickness of 3 mm and an orange peel reflector, which causes the light beam to be evenly dispersed and efficiently illuminates the center and sides of the stage in front of us.

The user has 5 modes of steady light operation and a flash mode (strobe). All activities related to the operation of the flashlight, i.e. switching on, off and changing modes are operated by means of one side button, made of stainless steel.

Before accidentally turning on the flashlight during transport, it is protected by double protection, i.e. button lock (activated by a quick double click) and a metal clip, which, when turned, prevents the flashlight from being activated.

Fenix E30R can be powered by the included ARB-L18-3500 battery or two disposable CR123 batteries.

A big innovation is the ability to charge the battery (without removing it from the flashlight) using a USB port and a magnetic cable. After bringing the magnetic cable closer to the socket, the plug is automatically connected to the port.

This solution is very convenient, protects the port and cable against mechanical damage (jerk) and excludes the need for every check to see if the plug has been properly connected.

Thanks to the clip, the flashlight can be easily attached to the belt, backpack and also on the peak of the cap as an improvised headlamp.

The E30R also has a 4-stage LED battery level indicator, overheat and reverse polarity protection, and a low battery warning function.

The flashlight has a high IP68 protection rating and is therefore resistant to full water immersion at a depth of 2 m and a fall from a height of 1 m.

Fenix E30R is a model that currently has no market competition in this class of EDC flashlights.

Technical parameters

• maximum flow: 1600 lm
• maximum range: 203 m
• maximum working time: 70 h 30 min
• diode type: LUMINUS SST40
• number of modes: 6
• tightness class: IP68
• fall resistance: up to a height of 1 meter
• housing material: anodized duralumin
• power supply: reusable battery (included) or 2 x CR123 3 V (batteries, not included)
• battery charging: micro USB port
• kit components: flashlight, clip, Fenix ARB-L18 battery (18650; 3500 mAh; 3.6 V; Li-ion), USB cable, set of seals, short hand band (bow)
• tube / body diameter: 25.4 mm
• length: 99 mm
• weight: 51 g


5 years plus an additional 6 months after registration on the distributor's website

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