Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16x44 FFP AO EBR-2C MRAD (SKU: DBK-10027) Vortex opinie

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Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16x44 FFP AO EBR-2C MRAD (SKU: DBK-10027)
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379 EUR
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Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16x44 FFP AO EBR-2C MRAD (SKU: DBK-10027)
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Diamondback Tactical 4-16x44 FFP is a surprising combination of performance, functionality and very affordable price. The foreground cross allows shooters to use the EBR-2C, a high-performance cross, to determine distance, adjust for wind and projectile drop at any magnification. The telescope was equipped with a durable tube made of one piece of aluminum, with a fourfold optical multiplier, and optics ensuring perfect clarity and sharpness of the image from edge to edge.

Outdoor turrets for vertical and horizontal adjustment have a low enough profile to not disturb during transport, while offering precise, quick and easy operation when setting for long shots. The side parallax adjustment knob frees shooters from taking into account the parallax error within a distance of 10 yards to infinity.


• XD lenses - high density glass, which is characterized by very low dispersion, which ensures great resolution and color saturation
• XR lens coating - Vortex patented multilayer anti-reflective coating of XR lenses improves light transmission, which in turn ensures excellent image brightness
• cross in the foreground - the scale of the cross is proportional to the size of the approximate target; fixed scales allow accurate aiming over the entire zoom range
• cross embedded in glass - protected by two layers of glass to ensure resistance and reliability


• 30 mm diameter tube - provides a much greater vertical and horizontal adjustment range compared to the inch tube
• one-piece tube - increases the telescope's durability and water resistance
• durable aluminum alloy - the telescope made of one piece of aluminum alloy is more resistant to destruction and damage
• water resistance - built-in seals prevent the penetration of moisture, dust and dust, thereby improving the reliability of the telescope in all conditions
• dew resistance - nitrogen filling prevents dew in a wide temperature range
• impact resistance - the lenses are attached and mechanically secured so that the telescope does not become detuned in the event of a recoil or fall
• anodized finish - hard anodizing means high resistance, additionally it allows you to camouflage the shooter's position
• open turrets in tactical style - open turrets allow easy scale reading and quick horizontal and vertical adjustment of the telescope


• Precision-Glide Erector System - the components used for the zoom control systems have been prepared with high precision and the highest quality materials; this attention to every detail has allowed to achieve high liquidity, regardless of the prevailing conditions
• Precision-Force Spring System - the reticle adjustment system was made of high quality materials and springs; it allowed to achieve very high precision and smoothness, which translates into increased repeatability of shots fired


• quick focus of the eyepiece - it allows quick and easy sharpening of the cross.
• ribbed zoom ring - allows you to quickly change the focus
• telescope available with EBR-2C MOA and EBR-2C MRAD reticle

Technical parameters

• magnification: 4-16x
• lens diameter: 44 mm
• distance from the eye: 97 mm
• mesh types: EBR-2C MOA and EBR-2C MRAD
• parallax adjustment: from 18.3 m to •??
• cross lighting: none
• linear field of view: 9 - 2.2 m / 100 m
• tube diameter: 30 mm
• turret type: open
• maximum height adjustment range (vertical): 25 MRAD
• maximum airflow adjustment range (horizontal): 25 MRAD
• gradual adjustment: 0.1 MRAD
• applications: hunting, recreational and tactical shooting
• included: telescope, caps, screw-in sun visor
• length: 356 mm
• weight: 655 g


Lifetime warranty: if anything happens to your binoculars, Vortex will repair or replace it with a brand new one.

* The warranty does not cover the loss, theft or intentional destruction of the binoculars.

(below - manufacturer's photos)

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