Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition v2018 handheld opinie

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Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition v2018
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126 EUR
price w/o VAT: 103 EUR

Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition v2018
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Fenix ••TK35UE 2018 is the latest version of the flashlight, which you do not have to present to any light fairy.

The modernized version has been equipped among others with the latest Cree XHP70 diode emitting a maximum light stream of 3,200 lumens over a distance of 300 m, an innovative switch of light modes and the option of charging via the Micro USB port.
TK35UE 2018 is a powerful source of light for tactical, uniform, rescue and exploration and tourism applications.


The massive flashlight body is made of lightweight aviation aluminum, with high resistance to damage and small weight at the same time. The surface of the flashlight has been subjected to an HAIII type anodization. This is the most advanced method of anodising, also called hard anodizing, which gives the surface hardness up to 65 on the Rockwell scale. Hard oxide coating is an excellent insulator, extremely resistant to abrasion and scratching.

With the middle (grip) part of the body, it has been knurled, which prevents the flashlight from slipping out of the wet or shaky hand. Cutters on the head, increase its surface, thus facilitating the removal of excess heat that arises during long shines. On the back of the flashlight there is a comfortable, double switch and a hook for a leash or safety rope.

Optical system

Its unusual lighting parameters, Fenix ••TK35UE 2018, owes its use to the powerful XHP70 (Xtreme High Power) diode, up to 7 x 7 mm. XHP70 provides a wide viewing angle of 120?, up to 58% higher power density (compared to other emitters of similar size) and a nearly 40% lower power consumption. Increasing efficiency and efficiency, allowed to obtain the maximum light output up to 3200 lumens (light 22500 candelas) with a range of 300 meters!

Behind the light reflection corresponds textured OP mirror (orange peel). Thanks to this, the torch has an evenly dispersed main (center) and secondary stream (sides). The flashlight owes a lot of light loss to the lens made of high-transparency toughened glass, coated with anti-reflective coating.


The flashlight is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries, mounted in a special adapter, which after discharge also acts as a charger. The integrated Micro USB port allows you to charge the batteries without having to purchase a standard charger. For this purpose, only the USB cable included in the set and an external power source, eg power bank, are enough. The LED indicator indicates charging (red) and full charging of the battery (red).


Fenix ••TK35UE 2018 is equipped with an advanced switch, which includes: a large tactical switch, a small function switch and a rotary switch for switching modes.

The above-mentioned rotary ring can be conveniently operated with one hand, which allows for instant transition between 3 available modes: tactical, outdoor and blockade. The seemingly complicated system of the switches is extremely simple and convenient to use, and the high responsiveness makes the access to the selected function or mode immediately.

In tactical mode we have TURBO and STROBO light available. In outdoor mode, you can choose between one of 5 levels of brightness (Eco • Low • Med • High • Turbo), the STROBO function and the SOS signal. The lock function allows you to protect the flashlight against accidental switching on during transport or storage. The flashlight also has the ability to immediately enter the strobe light mode, used for self-defense and tactical applications.

Additional features

The undoubted advantage of the flashlight is the automatic battery level indicator, which simply and clearly informs the user about the condition of the battery or the need to recharge. The indicator displays the information each time the flashlight is turned on, using the back two-color LED.
The low battery warning is triggered automatically when the defined voltage level drops. The flashlight also has overheat protection functions.
After reaching or exceeding the temperature of 65 ° C (in TURBO mode), the torch automatically reduces the luminous flux by several lumens, until the temperature drops to a safe level. After stabilization, the flashlight gradually returns to the brightness of the TURBO. In outdoor mode, the flashlight remembers the most recently used brightness level, the next time the light is switched on, the brightness level is automatically set (memory mode). The manufacturer has also not forgotten about protection against reversed polarity, or improper installation of batteries.


The flashlight has a high degree of protection IP68, which means that it is completely resistant to dust and dust, small solids, full immersion in water (30 minutes to a depth of 2 m) and a fall of 1 meter.
All light parameters and durability of the flashlight are in accordance with ANSI / PLATO FL1 standards.
Fenix ••TK35UE 2018 is one of the most powerful flashlights on our market, designed for uniformed and rescue services as well as people looking for a powerful light source at an affordable price and proven quality.

Technical parameters

• model: Fenix ••TK35UE 2018
• diode: Cree XHP70
• power supply: 18650 × 2
• charging: via microUSB
• range: 300 m
• maximum stream: 3200 lumens
• waterproof: IP68
• Body diameter: 43 mm
• Head diameter: 48 mm
• length: 164,5 mm
• weight: 286 g (without batteries)


66 months