Binocular FUJINON 7x50 FMTRC-SX military binoculars opinie

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Binocular FUJINON 7x50 FMTRC-SX
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Binocular FUJINON 7x50 FMTRC-SX
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Fujinon 7x50 FMTRC-SX binoculars are the perfect binoculars for sailors, equipped with a precise built-in compass visible through the optics. The quality of the compass's indications does not differ from the precise hand compasses.

Fujinon 7x50 FMTRC-SX is not just a compass. It is also full water resistance (o-rings and nitrogen filling), a large depth of focus from 7 meters to infinity, an individual sharpening system for each eyepiece, a large retraction of the exit pupil for people wearing glasses, a very strong rubber construction meeting the requirements of the US Navy, finally guaranteed by the patented Fujinon anti-reflective layers.

The best water binoculars.

ATTENTION Due to the acquisition of Fujinon by Fujifilm (owner's consolidation, Fujifilm was and is the owner of the Fujinon brand) the appearance of binoculars (logo) may slightly differ from the pictures - new photos will be successively introduced to the website Internet-?)

Technical parameters

• Lens diameter: 50mm
• Zoom: 7x
• Output: 7,1mm
• Construction of prisms: porropryzmatyczna
• Material of glass elements: optical glass BaK-4
• Anti-reflective layers: MC, blue, total system efficiency 95%
• Field of view: 7.5 ° / 131m / 1000m
Eye relief : 23mm
• Relative brightness: 49
• Twilight efficiency: 18.7
• Adjusting the focus: individually for each eyepiece, +/- 5D
• Minimum distance of observation: 7m
• Range of eyepieces / output gauges: 56mm - 74mm
• Water resistance: YES
• Nitrogen filling: YES
• The option of connecting a tripod: YES
• Built-in compass: YES
• Weight: 1400g

Marks of Fujinon binoculars

• C - equipped with a built-in compass
• CF - "central focusing" - central sharpening
• ED - binocular optics made of extra low dispersion (Extra low Dispersion) glass, thanks to which a very good correction of chromatic aberration is obtained
• F - like Fujinon - the highest quality selected optical elements for perfect reproduction - contrast, sharpness and large field of view
& bull M - "military" - meets the requirements of strength and durability for military binoculars
• MT - "marine tested" - tested for navy (meets US Navy standards, including the impact of salt water)
& bull r - "reticle" - built-in rangefinder
& bull R - "rubber coated" - rubber casing
• SX - computer-designed lenses and BaK4 prisms are covered with MC layers in the patented ECB technique (Electron Beam Coating), thanks to which for a single medium boundary the transmission reaches 99.9% of the beam intensity of the incident light; thanks to the transmission of the entire binoculars even up to 95%
• WP - "waterproof" - waterproof binoculars (up to 2 meters deep)



Fujinon FMT binoculars are designed for the most demanding users. They are equipped with BaK4 glass prisms with anti-reflective layers of the highest quality, similar to all lens surfaces (EBC technology), thanks to which the transmission of light is close to 95%, and sharp and contrast images. The applied lens system eliminates the curvature of the field, ensuring good mapping in the whole field of view.

Includes a neck strap, lenses covers and glasses, and a carrying case with a belt

Twilight factor : 18.71


30-year manufacturer's warranty

Additional photos

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