Redleaf RD1006 5 Mpix photo trap mix opinie

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Redleaf RD1006 5 Mpix photo trap
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99 EUR
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Redleaf RD1006 5 Mpix photo trap
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Redleaf RD1006 is an observation camera activated by movement. Sensitive sensors allow you to record movies or photos also in total darkness. RD1006 is ideal for observing wildlife and animals, controlling homes, warehouses and other places requiring constant supervision.

The device is equipped with a three-zone infrared sensor and 42 LEDs in the infrared band. Thanks to this camera records temperature changes in the environment and can record and photograph also after dark. The infrared band is invisible to the human eye and most animals. Therefore, the camera does not attract attention when acting. This is important during the observation, when the flash could scare away the animal. The easy installation of the Redleaf RD1006 provides fastening elements, such as the band and handles, included in the set. With their help, the camera can be easily installed on the tree and screwed to the wall. To increase the safety of the device, we recommend placing the RD1006 in a Redleaf metal casing (to be purchased separately).

The Polish menu and a number of useful settings ensure trouble-free use and easy configuration of the device. You can choose among others:
• photo, video, photo + video or time-lapse movie
• number of photos (1-9) taken after motion detection in photo mode
• length of the recording (10-180 sec.)
• length of the interval, which is the time that must pass after the recording, so that the camera starts to register again (5 sec-59 min 59 sec)

In addition, the camera enables activation and deactivation of side sensors. Access to the device's interface can be password protected.

Technical parameters

• HD lens with a 40 ° viewing angle
• 5 megapixel sensor
• built-in 2.4 "LCD screen
• microphone
• delay: 0.5 sec
• waterproof according to IP66 standard
• 42 pieces of IR LEDs emitting waves with a length of 940 nm
• 3 motion sensors with a total coverage angle of 120 degrees and a range of up to 20 meters
• thermometer
• connector for additional external power supply (the power supply is not included)
• resistant housing with holders and tripod thread
• standby time up to 6 months (using 8 AA batteries)
• recording movies (with sound) in Full HD quality (1080p) available movie recording resolutions: D1, WVGA, 720P, 1080P file saving format: AVI
• available image recording resolution: 0.5, 2, 5, 8, 12 megapixels; image recording format: jpg
• Possibility of imposing on the films and photos information on the date, ambient temperature and phase of the moon
• support for SD / SDHC cards up to 32 GB
• color: camouflage
• weight (without accessories): 300 g
• dimensions: 13.5 x 10 x 7.7 cm
• operating temperature range: - 20 to 60 ° C


The camera is used wherever we care about long-term observation and registration of images from concealment.
Great for, among others:
In forestry
- supervision of feeders for animals
- wood surveillance
- illegal removal of waste to the forest
In nature observation
- animal life research
- observation of plant growth ( time lapse mode)
In my mind
- observation of the migration of animals
- habitat observation
In breeding / crops
- observation of fish ponds
- observation of fields and orchards
For monitoring
- houses
- recreational plots
- garages and parking lots
Everywhere where remote supervision is required day and night

Elements of the set

• Redleaf RD1006 camera
• mounting elements: fastening strap, mounting adapter with adjustable angle of inclination for wall mounting, mounting screws and wall plugs
• miniUSB-RCA cable (Cinch)
• miniUSB-USB cable


24 months

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