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Flir C3
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Flir C3
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A compact infrared camera with extensive capabilities FLIR C3 is a multifunctional pocket thermal imaging camera.
It is an indispensable, handy tool for building inspectors, maintenance technicians, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electricians. It is worth having it with you to locate overheating fuses, cold air infiltrations, problems with water pipes etc. at any time.

The necessary functions of C3 are: MSX real-time image enhancement technology, maximum and minimum temperature measurement in a given area, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Thanks to them, you can quickly do your job, detect problems, share images with other professionals and clients, and document repairs.

Sufficiently flat and durable, to carry it in your pocket, and at the same time full of advanced features to detect problems, confirm repairs and present results to customers.
• Thanks to the light, flat profile, the camera fits perfectly in the pockets of workwear.
• Clear, intuitive 3 "touch screen with automatic orientation adjustment for easy control.
• Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to instantly share images in peer-to-peer mode
• The area function indicates the hottest and coldest points (max./min.)

You can save a thermal image of JPEG at a moment, and then conveniently customize it and analyze it using FLIR Tools, extracting the temperature measurement for each pixel separately and creating reliable reports.
• The thermographic images, enhanced with the MSX? function, provide a huge amount of detail that helps you diagnose problems more quickly.
• The measurement image records 4800 pixels that measure temperatures in the range of -10 ° C to 150 ° C (14 ° F to 302 ° F).
• A high thermal sensitivity detects slight temperature differences, often found in buildings.

The suggested net retail price is so affordable that any User can afford the camera.
• FLIR Tools software for creating professional reports is included in the camera - an industry standard for the analysis of recorded thermovision images.
• Transferring a video signal using FLIR Tools is a function that is not usually found in low-cost thermal imaging cameras.
• The exceptional FLIR guarantee covers parts and performance for two years, and the detector for ten years.

Technical parameters


24 months, 10 years for the detector, carried out by the manufacturer; registration required on the manufacturer's website

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