Feiyu Tech FY SPG Plus gimbal accessories for GoPro HD Hero opinie

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Feiyu Tech FY SPG Plus gimbal
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Feiyu Tech FY SPG Plus gimbal
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Feiyu Tech SPG Plus is a three-axle hand gimbal, offering solutions used in the professional film industry. It allows you to create extremely smooth and vibration-free shots with a wide range of mobile devices.

The SPG Plus gimbal mounting bracket allows for quick and easy installation of a smartphone or a sports camera. The clever design provides access to the buttons and the screen of the mounted device, which significantly increases the comfort of work. Calibration of the weight of the phone / camera is carried out by shifting the position of the device along the tilt axis.

SPG Plus offers three modes of operation, in which the recording device is directed one way or smoothly following the operator's movement. The practical joystick allows you to set your phone or camera in the desired position. The stabilizer also offers useful functions: working in an inverted position (upside down), leveling, and sleeping. Particularly noteworthy is the vertical mode, which allows the phone to stabilize in a vertical position and create panoramas. This mode extends the possibility of live material streaming directly to the YouTube or Facebook channel. The function will appeal to the fans of Snapchat, Instagram and vloggers.

Switching between operating modes is intuitive. It is carried out using the function button placed on one of the gimbal handles. The LED indicator located above the joystick indicates the selected operating mode and the battery charge level. Below the function button is a button that allows you to trigger the shutter on a phone connected to gimbal via Bluetooth.

For users of smartphones with Android and iOS systems, the manufacturer has prepared a special application Feiyu ON enabling the configuration and remote control of the device. The application allows you to adjust the working parameters of the gimbal to your recording device, by setting appropriate engine power and speed of their reaction. For gimbal users from the SPG series, the app also allows you to take pictures and make movies.

Modes of operation

smooth connection after operator movement on the "pan" axis - "tilt" and "roll" axes blocked
smooth connection with the operator's movement on the tilt and pan axes - the "roll" is blocked
all axes blocked - smartphone / camera maintains a fixed position and direction

The stabilizer is powered by a single ICR 22650 battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh.

The element that distinguishes SPG Plus among other gimbals intended for mobile devices are two handles. This solution is used in much more expensive devices for professional filmmakers. The handles allow you to control the device with one or both hands. Thanks to the thought-out design, the inverted upside-down handle can be used as a tripod. Five 1/4 inch tripod mounts (female) allow the extension of the gimbal with additional lighting, a microphone or a preview monitor. It is also possible to mount the gimbal on a tripod or monopod.

In the set, apart from the device itself, there is an ICR 22650 battery and a USB - micro USB cable. The functionality of the device can be extended with additional accessories offered by the manufacturer, such as a telescopic arm or a wireless remote control.

Technical parameters

• weight: 535 g (without battery)
• 3 operating modes and additional functions
• control with 2 buttons and a joystick
• mode and energy level indicator
• power supply: ICR22650 battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh
• 5 1/4 "female stand mounts
• mounting adapter with 1/4 "tripod mount - flashlight sleds


• smartphones and sports cameras with a width of 55 to 80 millimeters and a weight of 110 to 230 grams, such as:
• iPhone 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6 / SE / 5c / 5s / 5
• Samsung Note 5 / S7
• Huawei P9 / P9 Plus
• GoPro HERO5 / 4
• other smartphones and cameras with similar dimensions

Elements of the set

• SPG Plus gimbal
• ICR 22650 battery
• USB - micro USB cable