TIS Telescope Camera FireWire 640x480 color IR Cut Imaging Source CCD Cameras opinie

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TIS Telescope Camera FireWire 640x480 color IR Cut
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price w/o VAT: €261

TIS Telescope Camera FireWire 640x480 color IR Cut
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See what pictures can be taken with CCD cameras and even small astronomical telescopes!

Up to 60 frames per second

At 60 frames per second, the DFK 21AF04.AS color camera for astronomical observations with a telescope is the fastest in its category. Ideally suited for color astrophotography enabling the recording of fast sequences of photos. Using the IC Capture.AS software included with the camera, you can capture image sequences without loss of quality and without compression, as AVI files.

Sony color CCD sensor

The DFK 21AF04.AS CCD camera for astronomical applications uses the ICX098BQ Sony CCD sensor. With a 1/4 "format, the matrix has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Noise, even with long exposures, is minimal. Thanks to unsurpassed quality, the ICX098BQ matrix is ••often used in industrial image processing applications.

No compression, with filter

CCD camera DFK 21AF04.AS does not use compression, but cuts off infrared. The human eye is not sensitive to infrared, so images obtained realistically reflect what you see through the telescope. Cameras with an IR filter are especially recommended for astrophotography in urban and suburban areas, with high and medium light pollution (glow, light pollution).

Fast data transfer via FireWire

The Astronomical DFK 21AF04.AS camera generates a fast stream of uncompressed color images. To be able to send it to a computer that supports the camera, a quick connector is necessary. That's why the camera is equipped with a FireWire cable.

Software included in the set for Windows

This camera is supplied with the WD WD DCAM TIS camera driver and IC Capture.AS control software. You can find more about the software HERE

Technical parameters

• Symbol (manufacturer's mark): DFK 21AF04.AS
• Type: color camera, working on the FireWire connector, with an IR filter
• Connection method to the computer: FireWire
• Manufacturer: The Imaging Source
• Matrix / sensor type: CCD
• Type: progressive scan
• Matrix / sensor specification: Sony ICX098BQ (PDF)
• Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
• Exposure time: from 1 / 10000s to 60min
• Reinforcement: 0 - 36 dB
• The number of frames per second at the maximum resolution (FPS) 60
• Mounting the lens: C / CS mount
• Video format at FPS: 640 x 480, BY8 (RAW) @ 60, 30, 15, 7.5, 3.75 fps
640 x 480, UYVY @ 30, 15, 7.5, 3.75 fps
• Power supply: from 8V to 30V through a FireWire cable
• Power consumption: about 200mA at 12V DC
• Dimensions: 50.6mm x 50.6mm x 50mm
• Weight: 265g
• Working temperature range: -5 ° C to 45 ° C
• Storage temperature range: -20 ° C to 60 ° C
• Humility (work): 20% to 80%
• Humidity (storage): 20% to 95%

(sold separately, can be ordered or added to the cart, or adding in the comments to the camera order)

• Cable connecting two IEEE 1394 devices, length 1.80 m, price PLN 75
• Cable connecting two IEEE 1394 devices, 2 m long, with the possibility of additional power supply to FireWire connection, price 195 PLN
• Power supply (only needed if the 1394 port does not provide power), AC input on the input, 12VDC / 1A DC output, input in the European standard, price PLN 250