Celestron Regal 80 M2 ED Celestron spotting scopes opinie

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Celestron Regal 80 M2 ED
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896 EUR
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Celestron Regal 80 M2 ED
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The Celestron Regal M2 telescope with a lens diameter of 80 mm is the second generation of Celestron's flagship telescope. Both day and night, the Regal M2 is optimized for reaching extremely sharp images. It is created for bird watching, nature observation, long-distance landscape observation and simple astronomical observations

High resolution of the image and accurate color reproduction will make every observer appreciate the Regal M2 telescope. Only a picture so accurately rendered in the eyepiece will allow for faultless definition of the color of bird featheredness or the recognition of the airline's aircraft.

The microfocus unit with the focusing knob allows you to precisely adjust the focus. The telescope also has a sliding sunshade that significantly increases the contrast of the image observed under the bright light. The tripod mount of the Regal M2 spotting scope is made so that the telescope can be rotated in the mount around its own axis, without the need to move the tripod.

Regal M2 series telescopes have low-dispersion glass (ED) lenses, placed in sealed bodies made of magnesium, whose weight has been reduced by more than 14% compared to the Regalia from the previous version. Regal M2 is waterproof and nitrogen-filled, so it does not evaporate from the inside. From the previous version it is distinguished by green, natural color, and includes a cover in the set

The telescope in the angled version has an eyepiece at 45 degrees to the telescope's axis, making it ideal for observation on a tripod. also for observing objects located on the horizon (eg a ship at sea) or above it, eg mountains, windows of office buildings, astronomical objects.


• 80 mm lens - precision lens made of very high quality (ED) glass characterized by negligible dispersion and clear details of the image with high contrast and significant brightness
• Fully Multi-coated coatings provide very high light transmissions
• Angle telescope design makes it easier to observe you in low positions, and will make you carry it much longer and more comfortable
• water resistance - the eyepiece is prepared for the possibility of moisture in the environment, along with water resistance in hand goes dirt and dust resistance, the riflescope in the Regal M2 version is a completely waterproof and nitrogen-filled eyepiece with variable magnification, enabling it to be adjusted to its full extent
• precise and intuitive focusing wheel with micromovement, it guarantees quick and efficient setting of it, it can be attached to a tripod equipped with a standard 1/4 inch connection
• movable element enabling setting the telescope position
• slide-out sun visor
• the possibility of connecting a digital camera (DSLR) through the appropriate T-2 ring
• the possibility of using 1.25 "astronomical goggles
• a convenient cover for transporting the telescope with the strap included

Technical parameters

• Lens diameter: 80 mm
• Zoom: smoothly variable, 20-60 times
• Optical system: an ED doublet with an air break
• Focal length of the lens: 480 mm
• lighted: 1/6
• Anti-reflective layers: FMC
• Field of view with a factory eyepiece: 2.1 - 1.0 ° (37 - 19 m / 1000 m)
• Minimum distance of observation: 6 m
• Retracting the output pupil: 20 mm @ 20x
• Length of the tube: 430 mm
• Weight: 1607 g



Additional information:

The set includes:
• zoom eyepiece (magnification 20-60x)
• soft transport cover
• 1/4 "thread socket that allows you to attach the spotting scope to a photo tripod
T-2 thread on the eyepiece allowing connection of a DSLR - only the T2 ring required (for Nikon, Canon, Pentax K, Sony Alpha or Olympus E)


2 years


Question : Can another eyepiece be attached to the Celestron Regal?

Answer: The Celestron series Regal scopes have a 1.25 "eyepiece adapter and a factory-fitted zoom eyepiece. The factory eyepiece can easily be unscrewed from the spotting scope, in its place screw the adapter for astronomical spectacles in 1.25 inch standard. Glasses in this standard are generally available and you can always choose the eyepiece corresponding to your specific needs. However, it should be remembered that due to the design of the telescope sharpening system (internal focusing) and the use of a 45 ° prism, the spotting scope has a focus near the tube and may have difficulty with infinite sharpening in the case of eyepieces with an optics 2 cm or more away. Similarly to Barlow's lenses - most likely they will not be able to cooperate with the tele- scope. When choosing the eyepiece, care should be taken that the optics "begin" close to the 1.25-inch sleeve being led to the telescope.

Question : I see that the spotting scope has a thread on the lens side. What filters can you screw there?

Answer: The threading on the lens side is used to fix and adjust the position of the lens at the factory, it is not used to attach photo filters or other objective filters.

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