Baader Q-Turret set (4 eyepieces, Barlow, Q-Turret) Baader eyepieces opinie

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Baader Q-Turret set (4 eyepieces, Barlow, Q-Turret)
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230 EUR
price w/o VAT: 187 EUR

Baader Q-Turret set (4 eyepieces, Barlow, Q-Turret)
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All the magnifications you need in one place!

This is a set of four high-quality Baader glasses:
• Baader Classic Ortho 6 mm with a rubber eyecup (# 2954106)
• Baader Classic Ortho 10 mm with a rubber eyecup (# 2954110)
• Baader Classic Ortho 18 mm with a rubber eyecup (# 2954118)
• Baader Plossl 32 mm with a rubber eyecup (# 2954132)

( all glasses are covered with multi-layer HT coatings maximizing transmission and contrast ) Also included:

• additional Barlow lens with two multiples (after unscrewing the sleeve) 1.3 / 2.25x. (# 2956185)
• Baader Q-Turret revolver carousel (# 2957010)
• Baader Astro Box - decorative accessory box (# 2957005)

This set offers the maximum comfort of observation and many resulting focal lengths of glasses available with this set:
2.7 / 4.6 / 6/8/10/14/18/32 mm

Glasses Baader Classic series offer optical quality until recently not possible to achieve in this price range, based on the unchanged, unsurpassed optical design of the first Plossli and Ortoscopes Carl Zeiss - without any compromise in quality execution.

Baader Classic eyeglasses offer unprecedented picture sharpness throughout the entire 50-degree field of view, especially for instruments with little light, such as refractors and catadioptric systems.

Modern, multi-layer HT anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces as well as a small number of optical elements in the light path ensure the highest transmission and contrast.

The twisted Barlow lens can be mounted both to its own sleeve (multiplicity 2.25x) and to the filter thread itself (fold 1.3x), additionally obtaining more magnifications. You can also screw it into the nose piece (the nose) of the carousel itself without the mediation of the sleeve, which further increases the number of magnification options.

All four glasses are parfocal in the Q-Turret carousel. There is no need to sharpen between magnifications as in a traditional eyepiece extractor. Alternatively, you can use the above set with a CCD camera and three glasses to create a substitute for flip-mirror accessories. Another application is using a CCD guiding camera in one of the eyepiece sockets and quickly switching between tracking and guiding.


2 years

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