TS semi-APO 70mm (90°) binoculars astronomical binoculars opinie

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TS semi-APO 70mm (90°) binoculars
Availability: product is not availabe at the moment - please contact us (kontakt@teleskopy.pl) in order to obtain information on availability time

TS semi-APO 70mm (90°) binoculars
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TS 70 binoculars equipped with semi-APO lenses for astronomical and natural observation. Thanks to the possibility of changing the glasses, the magnification is variable. The set includes a pair of eyepins that allow you to get a magnification of 18x. When using other sets of glasses (1.25 in. Standard) you can even use magnification of 50x. The eyepieces included in the kit are filter threads that allow you to use filters to increase the contrast of images or increase the number of perceivable details.

An important feature, especially facilitating astronomical observations in the zenith area, is fixing the glasses at 90 ° in relation to the optical line of the binoculars. The glasses are fixed with the help of clamping rings , thanks to which axiality and secure fitting of the glasses (luminaire standard of 1.25 inches) are ensured.

Excellent images are provided by two lenses, semi-APO triplets with an aperture of 70 mm and large ones ( over-sized to avoid vignette) with BAK-4 glass prisms. All air-to-glass surfaces are covered with FMC layers, while the interior is filled with nitrogen. Retractable deflectors protect the lenses against fogging.

The binoculars are equipped with a convenient carry handle. After removing the handle, attach the finder in the standard foot. In the bottom part there is a socket with a 1/4 inch thread, which allows you to attach the binoculars on any photo tripod. However, observations made with a special forklift installation (mounting sockets on the sides of the binoculars) will definitely be more convenient.

The compact dimensions (31 x 24 x 13.3), the relatively low weight (4.2 kg) and the instrument case and accessories included in the set make the TS APO 70 mm a very mobile observation equipment.

The set includes:

• TS APO 70 mm binoculars
• set the glasses: at a 90 ° angle
• optical system: semi-apo (ED) triplets
• focal length of lenses: 436 mm
• pair of 18x / 1.25 "glasses, with 1.25" filter thread
• field of knowledge: 3 ° (at 18x ••magnification with glasses from the set)
• recommended maximum magnification: approx. 50x
• layers: FMC (multi-layer coating on all glass-air boundaries)
• dimensions: 310 mm x 240 mm x 133 mm
• a handle for carrying binoculars
• accessories for cleaning the optics (cloth, pear)
• aluminum case
• weight: 4.2 kg




2 years

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