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USB cable for Sky-Watcher Virtuoso, 1,5 meters long
Availability: this product is currently unavailable

USB cable for Sky-Watcher Virtuoso, 1,5 meters long
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USB connection cable dedicated for controlling the Skywatcher Virtuoso telescope / assembly. It allows you to connect to the Virtuoso assembly computer and get many unique options.

Thanks to the connection of Virtuoso, it can be controlled directly from popular computer programs such as Stellarium, Hallo Northern Sky or Cartes du Ciel.

Technical parameters

• transmission signaling by means of three LED diodes
• voltage levels: 3.3 V
• length: approx. 150 cm (the cable can be extended using a USB / USB extension, up to 5 meters)
• system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8

Instructions for use

The cable allows you to control the telescope from astronomical programs such as the planetarium, such as Stellarium ( LINK ), Cartes du Ciel ( CDC, LINK ), Hallo Northern Sky ( HNSky, LINK ). The control takes place via the ASCOM platform ( LINK to the platform - installation required) , the GOTO-AZ plugin ( LINK ) and a dedicated electronics controller located in the offered cable ( LINK ).

In order to install the control:
1. install PL2303 drivers ( LINK ) before connecting the cable
2. connect the cable to the USB port - the RS232 driver should be properly installed
3. in the device manager, check the port under which the cable has been installed (COM and LPT ports -> COMx where x is 1, 2, 3, ... 16)
4. install the ASCOM platform ( LINK)
5. install a driver dedicated to SynScan AZ mounts for ASCOM ( LINK )
6. Depending on the needs, download and install the CDC, Stellarium or HNSKY program or another, working with the ASCOM platform
7. programs should be configured to use the appropriate assembly, providing as control ASCOM platform, Driver AZ GOTO and corresponding COM port

Note: Stellarium must be additionally installed for the Stellarium program (available on and run the program via Stellarium Scope.

Current Reviews: 1
This cable arrived today and I tested it immediately. Some notes: do NOT use the latest driver from Prolific, because those drivers will not work with these older chips. It is imperative you install and use an older driver, only then will it work. Install the driver, the ASCOM platform, the SynScan AZ driver and Stellarium (with Stellarium Scope), and this USB cable does the trick perfectly once you set it up. Don't forget to set up the AZ driver parameters (elevation, latitude and longitude) or your scope will not align properly. When you want to use it, remember the proper procedure: 1. turn on the scope and align it with true North, don't forget to also press "2" and "3" so the scope knows it's aligned. 2. plug in the USB cable into your computer 3. open up Stellarium Scope 4. click "connect" 5. click "open Stellarium" enjoy! I've also tested this cable with my Android phone and it works flawlessly: 1. turn on your scope and align it 2. plug in the cable via a US .. More

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