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Nayvis NBL 352 HD Core 847 nm night vision binoculars
Availability: this product is currently unavailable

Nayvis NBL 352 HD Core 847 nm night vision binoculars
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The new Nayvis NBL 352 HD CORE binoculars are the evolution of the well-known NBL 352 D model. The main difference between them is the two autonomous CORE ( Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine ) systems, which introduce the user to the experience that could only be experienced in the past Generations II!

What are CORE systems and why are they definitely better than conventional generation I transmitters?

• almost twice the resolution of the image compared to generation I - over 60 lp / mm
• more dynamic and contrasting mapping
• a clearly more detailed picture
• increased sensitivity to light
• generation II features for the price of gene I!

The Nayvis NBL 352 HD night vision binoculars (one of the few on the market) have a built-in laser illuminator with smooth beam adjustment. Its use is a clear advantage over devices that have a classic diode-based solution. The laser beam primarily has an incomparably greater range, so you can use the capabilities of night vision goggles in 100%, even in very difficult lighting conditions.

SMART IRL System - intelligent laser beam controller is a dedicated system in which the new NBL 352 HD has been equipped. Thanks to it, the control of the device comes down to one button, with which we activate and deactivate the night vision, and control the work of the laser in the range of medium mode / mode / high / off mode. In addition, the SMART IRL System allows you to remember the last used night vision mode. The diode informs us about the current status of work:

- no backlight - device is turned off
- green backlight - device on, laser off
- orange backlight - device on, laser power mode on average
- red light - device on, laser power mode high

Nayvis binoculars are available in two variants of the infrared laser emitter of your choice, choose the optimal one for yourself!
- NBL 352 D 847 nm - laser emitter working in 847 nm band, guarantees full discretion of observations. You can enjoy comfort by being sure that no game will notice your presence.
- NBL 352 D 790 nm - a model for all those who primarily focus on long-range observation. The 790 nm emitter is strong and far-reaching, but in certain situations it can scare the game.

Powering efficient and durable battery CR123 (working time up to 120 hours in passive mode) guarantees us to be safe in all conditions.

NBL 352 HD was made almost entirely of lightweight and durable aluminum, ensuring high durability and quality of housing in the era when other manufacturers reach for cheaper substitutes in the form of plastics. Holding the NBL 352 HD in hand, we feel that we are dealing with high-end equipment!

NBL 352 HD puts the bar really high, being a unique construction characterized by modern solutions, designing the trends and direction of modern night vision.

Nayvis NBL 352 HD CORE main advantages:
• CORE system that is a hybrid of genes I and II
• image resolution <60 lp / mm
• built a long-distance laser illuminator equipped with SMART IRL System
• the housing is made entirely of aluminum
• a long working time of 120 hours

Technical parameters
• Generation: 1+ (CORE)
• IR illuminator: built-in, laser, 40 mW, 847 nm (infrared)
• Control: analog
• Zoom: 3.5x
• Lens diameter: 50 mm
• Resolution: > 60 lines / mm
• Field of view: 14 °
• Focal length of the lens: F = 80 mm
• Lighted: F / 1.6
• Focus range (Diopter): +/- 3
• Focus range: from 5 m to infinity
• Power supply: 2 x AAA 1.5 V ("small sticks")
• Temperature range: from -25 to + 50 ° C
• Working time without changing the power source: up to 120 hours (without IR, 20 ° C)
• Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 60 mm
• Weight: 950 g




12 months


Question : What is the difference between the 1 and 2 generation night vision devices? I want to buy a night vision device, but I would like to learn more about night vision technology.

Answer: Basic information can be found in the HOW TO OPERATE THE NECTOR (click to read)

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