POLAR PRO Polarizer Filter for GoPro Hero4 / 3+ with housing accessories for GoPro HD Hero opinie

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POLAR PRO Polarizer Filter for GoPro Hero4 / 3+ with housing
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POLAR PRO Polarizer Filter for GoPro Hero4 / 3+ with housing
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A glass polarizing filter mounted on a cassette used in GoPro Hero4 and 3+ cameras. Simple and quick installation - push-in. Reduces flash, improves color saturation, sharpens images especially when shooting over water and in the snow. Note: using the BacPac LCD or Battery BacPac, Gopro joins (as of April 2014) an entire H3 size cartridge, not 3+, so this filter may not work with such a cartridge!

When to use - practical advice

The filter is mainly intended for field shooting. We use the house when, for example, we photograph objects on a glass table.

Sunny day : the filter will eliminate the excess light, reduce glare, remove the exposed elements.

Partially cloudy : the filter will deepen the blue, increase the sky / clouds contrast, improve the color saturation and reduce glare.

Cloudy : The filter can eliminate glare on metallic surfaces. Limited applicability, but also the filter will not spoil movies.

Full cloud cover, dark : filter will not help anything - film without a filter.

When you want a very good quality of the shot, make sure that the filter does not mist up - it can fog like any optical element. If it has evaporated, wipe it with a soft cloth.

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