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Celestron StarSense AutoAlign (SKU: 94005)
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Celestron StarSense AutoAlign (SKU: 94005)
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Celestron once again sets trends in electronics that facilitate astronomical observation. The StarSense AutoAlign module is the next product on the Celestron Skyris cameras, which has been recognized by the Sky & Telescope magazine with the "Hot Product 2014" distinction.

What is StarSense?

Even if we have never operated a telescope before, each of us can become an astronomer in a moment. Just connect the device to the telescope, and after selecting the alignment command on the connected StarSense remote control, the AutoAlign function starts shooting the blue sphere and compares the images obtained with the internal database. After just three minutes, the amount of data obtained will be sufficient to determine your own position and align the assembly. After this operation, the telescope is ready to search and show the user the most interesting stars, planets, galaxies and many other types of astronomical objects visible in the sky. It is not easier!

Using a computerized telescope without the StarSense system requires a tedious alignment process, consisting of finding and centering at least two bright stars in the field of view of the eyepiece. StarSense automatically aligns the telescope without the need for user intervention. Just enter the date, time and location, and the StarSense will take care of the rest!

Even the most advanced astronomers will love the use of StarSense AutoAlign. This inexpensive device fully replaces the expensive software typically used for advanced modeling of assembly characteristics.

Thanks to the built-in modeling of the assembly characteristics, very good accuracy across the entire sky area is achieved. If you require perfect alignment, you can add up to 10 calibration stars to achieve a completely new level of accuracy, ideally suited for locating objects in the field of view of the camera during astrophotography.

The Celestron StarSense module is compatible with a series of telescopes

NexStar SE, CPC, CPC DX, NexStar GT, CGE Pro, Advanced VX, CG-5 GT, CGEM, CGEM DX, CGE, NexStar SLT and LCM.

Technical parameters

Camera specification

• sensor: Aptina MT9M034 CMOS
• resolution of the sensor: 1280 x 960 pixels (1.2 MP)
• pixel size: 3.75 x 3.75 ?m
• Lens diameter: 20 mm
• focal length of the lens: 40 mm (f / 2)
• USB port: USB 2.0
• Aux port for connection to Celestron telescopes

Pilot specification

• database: 45178 objects
• LCD display: 4-line, highlighted in red
• the ability to update the software
• PC connection: RS-232 port

Elements of the set

• Starsense camera
• Starsense remote (connected instead of the original Celestron remote control)

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