Pulsar NVB Edge GS 2,7x50 L binoculars & goggles opinie

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Pulsar NVB Edge GS 2,7x50 L
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Pulsar NVB Edge GS 2,7x50 L
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Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50 L is the version of the most popular night vision Pulsar binoculars - GS GS 2.7x50 - factory equipped with a long-range laser infrared illuminator with a wavelength of 780 nm.

The 2.7x50 L Edge Night Vision Binoculars is the latest product from the highest series branded the name Pulsar of the well-known Belarusian-American company Yukon. The heart of the night vision device is a unique combination of a specially designed R-Contact optics with a CF-Super image amplifier, specially designed to cooperate with each other, and which are not used in any other device in the world! As a result of this extraordinary technological novelty, the highest quality and unique image resolution in the whole field of view "from shore to shore" was obtained, unparalleled for devices of this class!

The night vision is equipped with a lens whose specially designed lenses minimize distortion at the edge of the field of view and improve sharpness and contrast. Soft rubber eyecups are perfectly matched, cutting off the light emitted by the amplifier, so that the observer is practically undetectable at night.

The night vision binoculars are equipped with an infrared illuminator, needed for observation during moonless, cloudless nights and necessary in complete darkness. The range with the included illuminator is up to 600 m.

The device can act as a night vision goggle, because it has been equipped with a ? inch fixing, allowing for installation on the head mounting. The night vision device is very economical - it can work up to 50 hours on two AAA batteries, in the temperature range from -20 to +40.

The 2.7 x 50 L Night Vision Edge is ideal for both professional and amateur use, in particular:
- night observations in the natural environment,
- search and rescue,
- night orientation in the area,
- thinking.

The night vision is designed to remain fully functional for many years. Among other things, it has a special protection system against bright light, which prevents the transmitter from burning in the event of a sudden change in brightness. If a bright object (flashlight, spotlight, lamp) appears in the field of view, or when the night vision device is activated during the day, the picture becomes dark. After restarting the device works as before.

Technical parameters
• Generation: 1+
• IR illuminator: built-in, laser, class 1, ? = 780 nm
• Resolution: 42 ln / mm
• Zoom: 2.7x
• Diameter of the lens: 50 mm
• The range of observations with the lighting: 250 m
• Field of view: 13 °
• Focus range (Diopter): +/- 4
• Power supply: 3 V (2xAAA)
• Temperature range: from -20 to + 40 ° C
• Working time without changing the power source: 50 h (20 h with lighting switched on)
• Dimensions: 203.2 x 122 x 66 mm
• Weight: 850 g


3 years