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Swarovski SLCN 8x56 SV binocular

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Swarovski SLCN 8x56 SV binocular
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8x56 SLC WB SV - the latest and best proposition Swarovski Optik for night hunting
In the new version:
• wider field of view
• low dispersion (HD) lenses
• even better profiling of the body

Swarovski Optik SLC SV 8x56 WB is in our opinion the best night-vision binoculars for twilight and night hunting on the market. The hunters appreciate both fantastically bright and contrasting images even in very unfavorable lighting conditions, as well as the mechanical excellence of this binoculars.


Swarovski SLC 8x56 WB offers an extremely wide, largest field of view among all available 8x56 class roof binoculars, equal to 7.6 ° (133 m per 1000 m) with no distortion, vignetting, sharpness or aberration to the very edge. This quality is ensured by an advanced optical system rarely seen in binoculars: three-lens ED / HD lenses, four-lens glasses and large, precisely mounted roof prisms. Despite such an extensive optical construction, the efficiency of binoculars (transmission) is 93% (!). Such a good result was achieved by covering all optical surfaces with multilayer anti-reflective coatings (lens coatings - SWAROTOP / SWARDOUR and prisms - SWAROBRIGHT), minimizing light losses on the border to the level of 0.2% for a single glass-air boundary. In addition, the prisms were covered with layers of P, which eliminate reflections and interference of light on the edges of the prisms. The outer and last layers of coatings are SWAROCLEAN coatings - they ensure easy cleaning and durability of other layers and optics.


The binoculars are waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen - this is already the standard in high-end binoculars. The SLC models are characterized by waterproofness for immersion to a depth of 4 meters. The binoculars' housing is made of advanced materials, antiallergic and odorless. The wonderfully profiled housing with recesses for the fingers ensures that the binoculars rest securely in your hands. In addition, the perfect balance of the binoculars draws attention, so you will still like the binoculars even after a long observation session.

The binoculars are equipped with eyecups with adjustable extension. The central sharpening system has an interesting solution to the user's individual sight - an additional adjustment knob for the right eyepiece is located on the central control knob.

The set includes lids, neoprene neck strap and a strong case.



Technical parameters

• Magnification: 8x
• Objective lens diameter: 56 mm
• Output: 7 mm
Eye relief : 23 mm
• Linear field of view: 133 m / 1000 m
• Angular field of view: 7.6 °
• Apparent field of view: 60 °
• Minimum focusing distance: 3.9 m
• Diopter range compensation: +/- 4 D
• Dioptric correction range in •: 5 D
• Focus system: central, two-channel
• Light transmission ratio: 93%
• Adjustment of the eye gauge (IPD): 56 - 76 mm
• Twilight efficiency: 21.2
• Output on a photo tripod: no
• Dimensions (mm, length x width x height around): 194 x 141 x 73
• Operating temperature range: -50 to + 55 ° C
• Storage temperature range: -30 to + 70 ° C
• Water / leak tightness: immersion up to 4 m (nitrogen filled)


10 years

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