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Birds - in Polish - wyd. Multico
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Birds - in Polish - wyd. Multico
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Second edition updated. Year of publication: 2017. Stiff cover, the look of the cover other than in the pictures

"Finally, our bird lovers receive a book at the highest global level, competent in content and exquisitely illustrated. A must-have in the library of every nature lover and recommended by the Faunistic Committee of PTZool." Professor dr hab. Tadeusz Stawarczyk

"The only guide really worth taking in the field. Great drawings, excellent indications of diagnostic features". Dr. Przemysław Chylarecki

Collins's Guide to Birds
• The richest and most useful.
• It contains all the information you need to mark each species at any time of the year.
• Detailed descriptions give the size, life environment, range, diagnostic features and voice.
• Current occurrence maps give information about breeding grounds, wintering grounds and flight routes.
• This issue contains 3,500 illustrations by world-famous artists drawing birds.

Table of contents

Species descriptions
Swans Cygnus
Geese Anser, Branta
Anatini swimming ducks
Diving duck Aythya, Somateria and others
Bubbles hybrids
Tracze Mergus et al.
"Forest hens" Tetraoninae
"Field chickens" Phasianinae
Gaviidae dives
Grebe Podicipedidae
Observation of sea birds
Rurkonose Procellariiformes
Gannets Sulidae
Pelecans Pelecanidae
Phalacrocoracidae cormorants
Wading Ciconiiformes
Flamingos Phoenicopteriformes
Szponiaste Accipitriformes 88 Sępy Gypaetus, Neophron, Gyps et al.
Aquila eagles and others
Kites and harriers Milvus, Circus
Buteo buzzard
Bumblebee Pernis
Sparrowhawks and Accipiter hawks
Falconidae Falconidae
Rallidae the Raiders
Gruidae cranes
Otididae bustard
Seedlings of Charadria
Seedlings Charadriidae
Diaphanous Scolopacidae
Seedling spreaders
Stercorariidae skuas
Gulls Laridae
Terns Sternidae
"Marsh" terns of Chlidonias
Alki Alcidae
Pteroclididae tips
Columbidae doves
Cuckoo Cuculidae
Owls Strigiformes
Swallow Apodidae
Dudki, Kingfisher Upupa, Alcedinidae
Bee-eaters, Meropidae trouts, Coracias
Great spotted woodpecker Picidae
Skylarks Alaudidae
Venomous Hirundinidae
Fleshy Motacillidae
Pluszcz, mistletoe and others Cinclus, Bombycilla
Thrush Turdidae
Sprouting Sylviidae
Sterus brachiopods and Troglodytes wren
Flycatcher Muscicapidae
Sikory Paridae et al.
Nuthatch Sittidae
Tichodromidae wallpapers
Certhiidae creepers
Shrikes Laniidae
Bilbils, nectary Pycnonotidae, Nectarinidae
Thyme Timaliidae
Corvidae Corviidae Starlings Sturnidae
Wilgi Oriolidae
Passeridae sparrows
Fringillidae trimmers
Loxia crossbills
Checkered Emberizidae
The North American passerine
Species catching sporadically
Species catching exceptionally
Introduced breeding species and species escaped from captivity




Additional information

Format: 13.5 × 19.4 cm
Coverage: 448 pages
Binding: hard
ISBN: 978-83-77-63-406-6
Edition II, 2017, updated

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