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Baader Hyperion 10mm eyepiece
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133 EUR
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Baader Hyperion 10mm eyepiece
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Hyperion is much more than just another eyepiece!

Multifunctional Baader Hyperion modular eyepiece. Ideal for off-shoot astrophotography with 16 special digital T-rings (S-type). Equipped with a 2 "self-locking sleeve, which is able to hold even the heaviest digital and video cameras stably.

Characteristics during visual observations

- Optimal visible field of view of 68 degrees, the largest available for a static human eye. The entire field of view remains visible despite the slight involuntary movements of the observer's head, which simply can not be avoided. Fields of view of over 80 degrees appearing in many other eyepiece systems may seem to be very encouraging on paper, but the fact that there is a need for the observer to keep his eye firmly in the optical axis is very rarely mentioned, if in all. Irritating effect of "beans", curse of many systems of ultra-wide-angle glasses, does not occur at all in Hyperion.

- 8 lenses in 5 groups ensure perfect sharpness and color correction over the entire field of view.

- A comfortable distance of 20 mm of the pupil.

- No unintentional vignetting and drop in brightness near the edge of the field of view.

- Using glasses with a high dioptre number results in minimal distortion of the image and only a small amount of astigmatism.

- Unrivaled fidelity of color reproduction. Many glasses that use cheaper glass or less advanced systems add artificial yellow or blue tint to the image. In Hyperion glasses, white will remain white!

- The most advanced anti-reflective coatings have been applied on all glass surfaces in contact with air to ensure maximum light transmission and bright images. All coatings have been carefully selected for the glass used.

- Precise design of the optical system and application of the diaphragm completely eliminated the inconvenient side light and reflections. You do not have to believe us - test it yourself! Put the Hyperion eyepiece and your own glasses on a black, matt surface and let the ray of sunlight or intense artificial light shine on them from above. Looking at them from a certain distance, you'll find that the interior of some of them will shine milk white from the side light giving a "flat" image with reduced contrast. But not Hyperion! Under all lighting conditions, the interior of the Hyperion eyepiece will remain pitch-black giving evidence for the elimination of lateral light.

- The closest position of the field iris from all the wide-angle eyepieces we know. Specially designed for binocular observations.

- Ideal for use with accessories such as binocular visors due to the small diameter of the cylinder (58 mm with removable retaining ring made of neoprene rubber, 56 mm with the ring removed), which allows such small distance settings those between the pupils, like 56 mm, allowing you to enjoy wide-angle stereo views even by children.

- Each Hyperion eyepiece in our series is really two glasses in one! By simply unscrewing the front part of the 1.25 "diameter eyepiece, which has a group of negative achromatic lenses, you can achieve a wide angle eyepiece with a much longer focal length. The color correction will remain outstanding and the curvature of the field , which will not be bigger than in a good 6-piece Erfle (and it will actually turn this system after subtracting the negative achromat).

- A photo of the negative lens group will reveal a female M 48 thread at the end of a 2 "long-focal component cylinder allowing the use of large-format filters to reduce light pollution and nebular filters.

- Thanks to the 0.94 "short chromed sleeve, all Hyperions are basically compatible with telescopes, including high-end devices from companies such as Leica, Swarovski and Zeiss. For Zeiss diascopes, we already offer Bayonet adapters 1,25 "for such telescopes (catalog number 2454500).

Characteristic during spectacle projection

- For astrophotography in the spectacle projection, we added the S 54 and M43 x 0.75 threads for digital cameras to ensure compatibility with the T rings from our Series 54, which allow you to attach almost any digital camera or video without vignetting. These threads, when they are not used, are protected by blind covers.

- The M 43 x 0.75 thread can be directly screwed into many video cameras, which is worth noting, for example, the recently introduced 3 CCD cameras manufactured by Panasonic. Our series of T-rings, called the S54, can be directly screwed into the filter thread of most digital cameras and digital camcorders.

- Some camera models equipped with exposed, movable zoom lenses will require a separate intermediate adapter (for filters), available from the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the vast majority of large digital camcorders and camcorders made recently have an internal zoom lens with a fixed front lens and standard filter threads.

- We supply male thread adapter adapters for cameras equipped with female threads: M 24 / M 27 / M 28 / M 30 / M 37 / M 40.5 / M 41 / M 43 (this is exactly the case in Hyperionie), M 28 / M 30 / M 37 / M 40.5 / M 41 / M 43 and M 62. There is also a long extension ring 11 mm S 54 / S 54 and a converting ring M 43 / T-2 for conventional cameras.

- Robust Hyperion glasses design is able to directly support heavy video cameras and cameras on a plate weighing up to 3 kilograms. Hyperion glasses are also ideal for use with universal handles of digital cameras made in the so-called terminal style, such as Baader Microstage No. 2450333, and can precisely hold the camera in relation to the optical axis, thanks to the simple, cylindrically shaped outer body.

- No matter whether a negative lens group is attached or not, the Hyperion eyepiece gives incredibly sharp images in the spectacle projection.

- In combination with a lens with an aperture of as little as 60 mm, the same configuration for a bumpy astrophotography can be used in the industry to monitor from a suitable distance dangerous activities such as plasma welding.

Packaging / Storage:

- Each Hyperion eyepiece is supplied with two removable rubber eyecups and thread covers, three dust covers (1.25 ", 44 mm and 48 mm), and a soft leather case. The upper part of the eyecup can be left in the folded position for use with the eyepieces - then a 48 mm (1.9 ") dust cap or top will be fitted to it - then a 44 mm (1.7") blanking cover will serve as the cover.

Technical parameters

• Focal length: 10 mm
• Own field of view: 68 °
• The distance of the output pupil: 20 mm
• Diameter of binding: 2 ", 1.25"
• Threads from the eye: M43 x 0.75 and M54 x 0.75
• Construction: 8 lenses in 5 groups


2 years

(M43 thread under eyecup, after applying the M43 / T2 adapter, to connect a camera with interchangeable optics in the spectacle projection)

(part of the Hyperion series glasses)

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