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Sky-Watcher EQ8 mount
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price w/o VAT: €3551

Sky-Watcher EQ8 mount
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NOWO|Ć! Sky-Watcher EQ8 paralactic assembly with 50 kg lifting capacity!

EQ8 - the most powerful of the Sky-Watcher parallormic assemblies. Its 55-millimeter diameter axles made of high-strength steel and 22-cm drive gears are able to work with a load of 50 kg, so you can easily hang professional astrographs with a diameter of up to 16 inches along with the entire EQ8 assembly. ? instrumentation landing.

The head's body was made in CNC technology, quite differently than before where different types of castings were predominant. The shape of the head is slightly angular, typical for large parallact assemblies. The whole finished aesthetically, anodized black. The mechanics draws attention to the solidity and perfect fit of the elements.

Dual axle encoder system

Patented by Sky-Watcher, the dual axis encoder system allows you to electronically or manually redirect the telescope to a new object without interrupting the automatic tracking of the object. When set to a new object, the assembly automatically switches to its tracking. The installation does not require any leveling and is ideally suited for remote observatories, among others.

High resolution stepper motors

The installation uses binary stepper motors with a resolution of 0.9 degrees / step for high precision. They drive the worm directly in the declination axis without the reduction gear, thus eliminating the periodic error of the transmission.

In the axis of right ascension, a 1: 1 belt transmission was used between the crank shaft and the motor shaft. This solution allows to effectively eliminate the vibrations that could be transmitted from the drive to the telescope. The PE assembly spectrum is regular and clean, so you can adjust them very precisely.

Computerized service

Complete with very robust assembly mechanics is included advanced SynScan controller, known from top versions of assemblies such as EQ6 or HEQ5, enabling you to use the same advanced tracking, correction and GOTO system. It can also be controlled using the SynScan Tour.

Advanced PE correction

The continuously programmable PEC system corrects periodic errors for each gear and assembly axis. Simplification of drive transmission mechanics reduces PE irregularity and has a positive effect on the PEC effect.

Convenient assembly editing

Automatic parking of the assembly in the starting position with automatic setting on the initial markers.

Stability not yet available

EQ8 is supported on an extremely massive, improved Super HD tripod. It is made of cold-rolled, high-carbon steel and can be raised to 1347 mm. The tripod uses a double clamping system together with a durable column bond for evenly distributed forces on the outside and a lower support for increasing the rigidity of the internal tripod. Stable pole allows additionally to adjust the height between 750 and 1000 mm.

Additional features

"Snap" jack - 2.5 mm jack for triggering the Canon camera shutter. The set includes a suitable cable that fits all three and four-digit Canon models. In the SynScan remote menu there is an option to program the number of exposures, the space between them and their duration - the same as in the programmable cable switch.

Note: due to its weight, dimensions and price, this product is usually shipped on a pallet - delivery time can be extended by 1-2 days for this reason.

Technical parameters

• tripod construction: Pillar, double tripod support system
• power supply: 12V DC
• column / tripod weight: 31 kg
• head weight: 28.5 kg
• weight counterweight: 10 kg
• manual controller: SynScan
• assembly capacity: 50 kg
• RA transmission: D = 219,5 mm, 435 teeth, aluminum
• DEC gear: D = 219,5 mm, 435 teeth, aluminum
• RA blade: D = 55 mm, aluminum
• DEC DEC: D = 55 mm, aluminum
• Counterbalance axis diameter: 31.5 mm
• height adjustment: 15 ° - 65 °
• horizontal adjustment: around +/- 10 °
• optional polar pole, external
• set to the axis of the gear: program or with the use of a polar scopes
• dual encoder system
• PEC: EQ Mode
• starting position: RA and Dec. reset at power on
• limit in the RA axis: mechanically
• motors: bipolar high precision DC 12V stepper motors
• accuracy of tracking: 0.11164 arc seconds
• tracking speed: star, solar, lunar, stellar + PEC
• tracking mode: in one or two axes, EQ Mode
• surface finish: black anode


2 years

The pictures below show the assembly together with the optional polar spotting scope