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Vixen Polarie set
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524 EUR
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Vixen Polarie set
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Vixen Polarie Star Tracker + photo tripod with ball head - complete set for astrophotography of wide frames

Vixen Polarie Star Tracker is a technologically advanced, extremely compact and very easy to use paralactic platform for photographing the sky in wide frames. After setting on the world, or around the Polar Star (in the Southern Hemisphere on the South Blue Pole), it allows you to take long-term pictures of the sky using a DSLR or a mirrorless camera with a suitable lens. Surprising capacity: on the Polar you can "hang" a camera weighing up to 3 kg!

The device has an adjustment window, which should be directed to the Polarn Star using the integrated compass. It can also work with a dedicated polar spotting scope. After completing the setting procedure, Polarie tracks objects in several speed modes (star speed, 50% star speed, lunar and solar speed).

Polar beams can be used on both hemispheres of the globe, providing sharp and point-like images of stars.

Thanks to the use of a precise system based on the stepper motor, Vixen Polarie achieves high accuracy tracking. The device is powered by 2 AA batteries ("fingers"). The Vixen Polarie housing has been developed to ensure maximum functionality and compactness - it has no visible screws. Although Fleece is not a waterproof device, it enables work in virtually all weather conditions.

The set includes a rigid metal tripod with a ball head and a ball head for attaching the camera to the Vixen Polar.

Technical parameters of Vixen Fleece

• tracking modes: star speed, 0.5 star speed, solar speed, lunar speed
• sprocket: aluminum, diameter: 57.6 mm, 144 teeth
• gearbox: squeegee, brass, with a diameter of 9 mm
• bearings: 2 pcs
• drive: stepper motor
• maximum load (load): 3 kg (7 lbs)
• compass: included
• field of view of the passage in the body for setting the Polarn Star: approx. 8.9 °
• Polar spotting for precise pole alignment: included
• power supply: 2x AA batteries (constant current 2.4 - 3.0 V) or external power supply (mini USB plug, constant current 4.4 - 5.25 V)
• working time on one set of batteries (load 1.5 kg, 20 ° C, alkaline batteries): up to 4 hours
• dimensions: 95 × 137 × 58 mm
• weight: 0.7 kg (without batteries)
• warranty: 2 years

Technical parameters of the dedicated tripod (Velbon / Vixen)

• working height: from 54 to 178 cm
• adjustable tripod arm: 58 cm
• mounting thread on the head: 1/4 "(standard photo thread)
• lifting capacity: 3 kg
• weight: 2 kg


• Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
• field tripod with a ball head dedicated to the Star Tracker with two heads

Tips / useful, extras offered separately

• dedicated polar field scope for Vixen Polar - allows for more precise mounting setup
• AA 1.5 V battery 2 pieces ("fingers") or AA rechargeable batteries (remember that the batteries are very cold in the cold - keep them in stock!)
• for long lighting, it is worth having an external power supply with a mini USB plug (4.4 - 5.25 V DC)
• Vixen Polarie does not take photos himself; the SLR cameras are best suited for taking photographs of the sky
• SLR cameras should have the option of shooting in the bulb mode, alternatively an ISO option above 3200 and a shutter speed of more than 30 seconds
• good for the camera to have a remote control function; it is worth getting a proper remote control, because it reduces or even eliminates vibrations when the shutter is released
• lens: preferably fish-eye or wide-angle , in general we recommend working in the focal range of 8-100 mm
• the lens should have the option of manual focus (manual focus) - the automatic mode (AF) rarely works in night sky photography
• watch with stopwatch will allow you to control the lighting time in bulb mode
• always in the field it is worth having: a waterproof bag for equipment, a flashlight with a red light, a rotating map of the sky

See: a series of video tutorials on YouTube about Vixen Polar Star Tracker

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