Celestron N-76 FirstScope IYA with set of extra accessories Newtonians opinie

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Celestron N-76 FirstScope IYA with set of extra accessories

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Prosimy o ograniczenie czasu wizyty w sklepie do niezbędnego minimum.
Dziękujemy za zrozumienie i do zobaczenia.
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Celestron N-76 FirstScope IYA with set of extra accessories
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A telescope that has been awarded the Product of the International Year of Astronomy 2009! WITH A KIT OF DEDICATED ACCESSORIES FOR THIS TELESCOPIC

FirstScope 76 is a tribute to men and women deserving to spread knowledge about the world around us - on the tubus there are the names and surnames of the greatest scholars in history.

The small size and high quality of performance make FirstScope 76 perfect mobile equipment for amateur observation of the blue sphere. The construction of the instrument fits in with the increasingly popular idea of ••building Table-Top telescopes, i.e. light observation devices placed on a table or window sill.

FirstScope 76 is an excellent choice for novice astronomers - a beautiful gift for an adult and an educational tool for children. It will show craters on the moon, the four moons of Jupiter, Saturn with the ring, the phases of Venus, bright nebulae and galaxies, and much, much more.

Includes a set of accessories dedicated to the Celestron FirstScope 76 IYA telescope allowing for even more advanced observations. The lunar filter allows you to get images of our natural satellite of higher quality, with more details of the observed objects, and the aiming scope makes searching for interesting regions of the sky easier.


Technical parameters

• Optical system: Newton's reflector (mirror telescope)
• Diameter of the mirror: 76 mm
• Focal length of the lens: 300 mm
• lighted: f / 3.95
• Switching capacity: 1.53 "
• Star range: 11.9 mag
• Finder: optical 5x24
• Mounting type: Dobson, azimuth
• Weight: 1650 g (whole in the original box: 2500 g)


The set includes the following accessories:

• eyepiece extractor in the 1.25 "standard
• 1.25 "glasses: 20 mm (15x), 12.5 mm (24x), 6 mm (50x), 4 mm (75x)
• Dobson table azimuth assembly
• 1.25 "lunar filter that increases the Moon's contrast in the near full phase
• 5x24 finder with assembly - makes it easier to find objects
• CD-ROM with the software "The SkyX"
• nylon carrying bag for telescope


2 years

The player will show in this paragraph


This device focuses a lot of light. Looking directly at the sun through this device can result in partial or complete loss of vision. For the observation of the Sun, we recommend the safest method of spectacle projection, that is, projecting the image of the target of our day star on a piece of paper.

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