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Nikon LRF 1000 AS

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Nikon LRF 1000 AS
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Laser rangefinder Nikon LRF 1000 AS

An advanced laser rangefinder with a distance of up to 915 meters. Designed to provide an extremely clear image, it stands out with its active brightness control - it automatically switches on and adjusts the brightness of the LED display in a low-intensity light. Fast and easy to use, the rangefinder is equipped with a project switching system developed by Nikon, allowing you to switch between the priority mode of the first object (giving priority to the nearest target, which is useful in golf) and the mode the priority of a remote object (giving priority to the farthest goal, which is useful in the case of hunting). The special Golf mode available for golf players ensures that the simultaneous distance including the inclination (horizontal distance +/- height) and the actual distance are helpful in defining the right stick.


• quick and easy operation allows you to determine distances in several variants - the ability to measure linear (real) distance, horizontal distance, angular distance and height and distance taking into account the slope (distance horizontal +/- height), all with one press of a button
• active brightness control for a more readable image: automatically activates the LCD monitor of the viewfinder at low light intensity and adjusts the brightness according to the environment
• GOLF mode provides the distance to take into account the inclination (horizontal distance +/- height) and the actual distance
• system of switching the priorities of objects: the possibility of choosing two measurement modes; priority mode of the first object / plan sets the priority on the object located in the smallest distance, while the priority mode of the remote object is designed to determine the distance of the farthest object
• exceptional light transmission guarantees high brightness and contrast
• high quality 6x monocular with multi-coated optics provides a bright image
• constant 5-second measurement allows you to quickly measure distances to different objects
• wide viewfinder diameter 18 mm
• wide field of view equal to 7.5 degrees
• high eye eyepoint with large eye relief ensures excellent field of vision even for those wearing glasses or sun glasses
• water resistance (up to 1 m to 10 minutes) thanks to O-rings and nitrogen filling guarantee increased durability in difficult conditions
• measuring range: 10 - 915 m

Technical parameters

• Effective range: 10 - 915 m (11 - 1000 yards)
• Accuracy: +/- 1 m / yd
• Distance display modes: the actual distance displayed in the top part: every 0.5 m / yd. (less than 1000 m / yd), every 1 m / yd. (more than 1000 m / yd); the actual distance displayed in the lower right part: every 1 m / yd. (less than 999 m / yd); horizontal distance / distance taking into account the inclination shown in the upper part: every 0.2 m / yd. (less than 1000 m / yd), every 1 m / yd. (more than 1000 m / yd); altitude displayed on the lower right: every 0.2 m / yd. (less than 100 m / yd), every 1 m / yd. (100-999 m / yd.)
• Zoom: 6x
• Lens diameter: 21 mm
• Output: 3.5 mm
• Field of view: 7.5 °
• Retraction of the exit pupil: 18.3 mm
• Power supply: CR2 lithium battery (DC3V)
• Security: Class 1M laser product (EN / IEC60825-1: 2007)
• Water resistance: body: waterproof (maximum depth 1 meter for 10 minutes)
• Dimensions [mm]: 115 x 72 x 39
• Weight: 190 g (without batteries)


1 year

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