Dipol D209 4x Gen 2+ night vision binocular with L-3 laser illuminator binoculars & goggles opinie

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Dipol D209 4x Gen 2+ night vision binocular with L-3 laser illuminator
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Dipol D209 4x Gen 2+ night vision binocular with L-3 laser illuminator
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Dipol D209 night vision binoculars with an additional L-3 laser illuminator are a combination of unique opto-electronic solutions, high resolution, 4x magnification and a range of up to 600 meters

D209 4x (F100) is a brand new, built from scratch, professional night vision binoculars by Dipol, designed according to customers' suggestions. The device has been equipped with state-of-the-art technical solutions, and the components from which it was made have been selected so as to minimize the weight of the device itself, while maintaining the values ••of mechanical resistance and the highest observation axes.


• ultra-light body, very high mechanical strength, waterproof
• adjustable eyecup spacing in the range of 52-70 mm
• built-in diode illuminator in invisible band (905 nm)
• built-in diode illuminator in visible film (805 nm) with additional regulation of focus
• impulse switch on the built-in illuminator
• an additional function system for built-in infrared emitters
• step switch of built-in side scuttles against accidental switching on
• built-in light sensor, shutting off the power supply in the situation when the amount of external light threatens the transmitter
• built-in moisture absorber from the inside of the device
• Possibility of using an external power source, especially useful in low temperature when the traditional battery power fails

D209 is a specialized equipment for very demanding users. Many solutions in this construction were used for the first time, which makes this product revolutionary in the context of competition solutions.

DIPOL IR L-3 is a laser night vision illuminator with a range of up to 600 meters, allowing the user to be virtually invisible to an outside observer. It has its own independent source of power (one 3 V CR123 battery), thanks to which the working time of the night vision device is not shortened by switching on the illumination.

Technical parameters of the Dipol D209 night vision device

• generation: II +
• focal length of the lens: 100 mm
• angle of view: 9.5 °
• magnification: 4x
• range of observation: from 10 meters to infinity
• resolution: 55-60 lines / mm
• diopter adjustment: +/- 4
• water resistance: YES, IPX5
• power supply: 2 x AA ("sticks")
• working time on one set of batteries: up to 60 hours
• dimensions: 257 x 139 x 76 mm
• weight: 930 g

Technical parameters of the L-3 laser display
• Power: 100 mW
• Type: laser
• Length of the light wave: 810 nm
• Focus of the bundle: 0.1 ° - 5 °
• Power supply: one 3V CR123 battery (included)
• Temperature range: from -40 to + 40 ° C
• Working time without changing the power source: 6 hours
• Dimensions: 114 x 24 x 31 mm
• Weight: 90 g


• Dipol D209 night vision binoculars
• carrying case
• Technical Documentation
• L-3 infrared laser illuminator


12 months for the transducer, 24 months for other elements


Question : What is the difference between the 1 and 2 generation night vision devices? I want to buy a night vision device, but I would like to learn more about night vision technology.

Answer: Basic information can be found in the HOW TO OPERATE THE NECTOR (click to read)