Camrock Z40 foto backpack telescope carrying bags opinie

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Camrock Z40 foto backpack
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Camrock Z40 foto backpack
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The perfect Camrock Z40 photographic backpack - ideal for transporting cameras, lenses or astronomical accessories

The Camrock Z40 camcorder combines exceptional convenience with high-capacity equipment and comfort. High quality of work will be appreciated by the most demanding users. The large capacity and functionality of the Z40 gives you satisfaction. Stiffening the structure and lining all internal surfaces with soft and delicate fabric ensures full equipment safety.

The backpack is equipped with a main compartment and two pockets: front and upper. The main compartment will contain a SLR camera with a lens (also with a telephoto lens), an additional 2-3 lenses, a flash lamp, a spare body. The front pocket is ideal for storing accessories such as filters, reductions or spare batteries. In the upper pocket we can store provisions, additional clothes or also photographic equipment (eg two lenses or a flash).

The main compartment can be adapted to the needs with the use of velcro compartments. It is also possible to connect the main compartment with the top pocket ?.

On both sides of the backpack there are tilting flaps fastened with zippers and plastic buckles. They allow access to the main compartment without the need to remove the backpack. Back of the backpack is lined with a sponge and covered with a "breathable" fabric, which increases comfort during longer trips. Underneath, there are legs made of stiff rubber, useful when we put a backpack on the ground.

The backpack is equipped with comfortable, adjustable length braces with a belt at the height of the breasts and a handle in the upper part. The set includes a strap with which we can attach a tripod from the right or left side of the backpack.

Zip fasteners are protected against moisture. The set includes a retractable rain cover, which additionally protects the equipment from the effects of weather conditions.

On the side there are special holders designed for carrying a tripod or additional accessories.


The materials from which the backpack was made guarantee its above-average durability. These are: 950D Polyester, 180D polyester Ripstop, special type of 3030D TXP nylon, PE foam.

• External dimensions (height x width x depth): 44 x 25 x 25 cm
• Internal dimensions of the main chamber (height x width x depth): 25 x 21 x 15 cm
• Internal dimensions of the upper pocket (height x width x depth): 10 x 19 x 14 cm
• Internal dimensions of the front pocket (height x width x depth): 23 x 16 x 7 cm

• Weight: 1.1 kg

Materials / photos of the producer (below)

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