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Manual microtome (Bresser)

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Manual microtome (Bresser)
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Manual microtome allows to make very thin biological preparations.

VIDE use guide at the bottom of the page.

Hand microtome allows for the preparation of thin and most importantly even sections of biological materials. It is equipped with a micrometer screw with a scale with which you can set the thickness of the sections. The graduation accuracy is 0.01 mm (10 ?m). The thickness of the scraps depends on the type of preparation and its preparation, however, for fresh soft plant tissues it is possible to obtain sections with a thickness of approx. 50 ?m or less.

Mikrotom is equipped with a clamped vice to fasten the cut object. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to section not only tissues prepared with laborious paraffin, but also fresh, which if necessary can be placed between pieces of auxiliary material (eg carrot, styrofoam, dried elderberry core and other ).

The set includes a double-sided cutter, concave for cutting. The razor has a blade with a 3/4 inch (approx. 20 mm) dimension, thin, half-hollow.

The kit also includes 2 glass balls - microtome table pads that allow precise blade guidance.

The product is intended especially for the preparation of botanical preparations.

WARNING! The set has a very sharp razor. Therefore, special care should be taken when handling it. The product is not recommended for minors.

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