TS APO65Q 65/420mm OTA for beginners opinie

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TS APO65Q 65/420mm OTA
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TS APO65Q 65/420mm OTA
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Apochromatic telescope with excellent color correction and a flat field even in cameras with a full-format matrix. A good alternative to the famous Takahashi FS-60 astrographs or the Pentax 75 SDHF astrographs.

A three-lens lens made of FPL-53 glass guarantees color correction in the focal plane of high quality, enabling visual observation at magnification up to 150 times, with only a pure chromatic aberration. The integrated equalizer, installed in the optimal location of the optical path, provides a flat field for cameras with matrices of up to 44 millimeters. The "baffles", or inner tube diaphragms - of appropriately sized sizes and the position inside the tube contribute to obtaining correct images. They do not cause vignetting when using cameras with large dies.

The telescope is equipped with a 2 inch rack & pinion with an improved bearing system. In contrast to the Crayford extracts, it guarantees a smooth adjustment of the focus even under heavy loads (up to 3 kg). In addition, the extractor is equipped with a focusing knob with micro-regulation of 1:10. Accessories are fastened with a copper ring ( clamping ring ) and two counter-locking screws. The set includes a 1.25 inch adapter adapter and a standard foot for attaching the finder (finder available separately).

Tuba has a retractable difler, which means that the telescope's length for transport is only 34 cm. The set also includes CNC clamps. Dovetail in the Vixen / SkyWatcher / Meade system - in option.


• perfect color correction for the apochromatic construction
• built-in flattener (allows to obtain a flat field even for large CCD matrix formats)
• 2-inch high-strength cut out, bearing on Teflon washers, with a millimeter scale
• system of internal blinds, which do not generate vignetting also in full-format cameras
• in the set of CNC clamps

Technical data

• optical system: apochromatic refractor
• Lens diameter: 65mm
• focal length: 420mm
• light: f / 6.5
• 2 "eyepiece lift with a lifting capacity of up to 3 kg, 360 ° rotation for framing
• the foot of the finder compatible with the Vixen / Celestron / Sky-Watcher standard
• visual stretched range: 11.6 magnitudes
• switching capacity: 1.78 "
• length: 340mm / 375mm (hidden / extended difler)
• weight: 2.8 kg (including clamps)


the planet
star clusters


2 years

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