ATIK 314L+ CCD COLOR astrophoto CCD & CMOS opinie

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Professional CCD camera of medium resolution. Equipped with a 16-bit color CCD converter with a resolution of 1392x1040 pixels. One of the best selling cameras produced by ATIK, it is characterized by very low noise, twice smaller than in the ATIK 16IC model. It is designed for advanced astrophotography, as well as for scientific research (using the appropriate filters can be used for professional photometry, a small amount of noise will allow here to achieve a significant range of stars). The camera has a fast and modern USB 2.0 interface. With this matrix size, this allows you to transfer the image to the computer in 1.8 seconds. The camera also has a preview mode , which allows you to center the telescope with the camera on a given object or to pre-determine the exposure parameters. The image transfer in this mode is twice as fast (2 megapixels per second).

The cooling of the camera was carried out using a Peltier cell. The Peltier cell allows to lower the detector temperature by 27 degrees relative to the ambient temperature, which means that even on the hottest summer nights the detector will be cooled to below 0 °. Importantly, the viewer has complete control over the ? ? Temperature transducer software can also determine the temperature of the matrix, which is a big advantage for the noise reduction with the use of dark frames (dark frames).

The camera is lightweight, weighs only 400 grams and does not constitute a significant load for the spectacle lens. As for a CCD camera so heavily cooled, the energy consumption is also low - at 12V the camera draws the current to 0.8A.

With a pixel size of 6.45 micron, the linear dimensions of the matrix exceed the size of 1 cm (transducer pitch)

Camera field of view at focal lengths:

2000mm: 15.1 'x 11.3'
1500mm: 20.1 'x 15.1'
1000mm: 30.2 'x 22.7'
750mm: 40.2 'x 30.3'
500mm: 60.4 'x 45.4'
400mm: 75.5 'x 56.7'

Technical parameters / characteristics

• sensor type: CCD - Sony ICX285AL, color
• resolution: 1392x1040 pixels
• pixel size: 6.45 ?m x 6.45 ?m
• die size: 8.78 x 6.61 mm
• image processing: 16 bit
• noise reduction: 4e
• interface: USB 2.0 High Speed
• recording format: FITS
• power supply: 12V DC 0.55A
• maximum exposure time: unlimited
• minimum exposure time: 1/1000 of a second
• autoguidera port: compatible with ST-4
• cooling: thermoelectric ?T = -27 ° C
• thread on the front of the camera: (M42x0.75)
• software: Artemis Capture
• sizes: 110x56 mm
• weight: approx. 400 g


• camera with 1.25 "adapter
• USB cable with a length of 3 meters
• power cord from the car (1.8 m)
• Power Supply
• software on a CD
• instruction
• the Capture software is included in the camera allowing control over the CCD camera operation; also included plug-ins that allow you to use the camera with AstroArt and MaximDL programs