Bresser N-203 F/4 EXOS-2 GOTO Newtonians opinie

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Bresser N-203 F/4 EXOS-2 GOTO
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Bresser N-203 F/4 EXOS-2 GOTO
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Telescope Bresser N-203/800 on the EXOS-2 GOTO assembly

A complete optical tube with a mirror of 200 mm F / 4, with a Crayford 2 "/ 1.25" type extract with a 1:10 microscope and a very good 50mm finder, designed for advanced astrophotography, put on a solid EXOS-2 GOTO mount.

Tuba has a very bright Pyrex parabolic mirror, small size and weight in error, which makes this telescope very fast and efficient astrograph.

The optical tube is equipped with the main mirror cooling system (an integrated fan at the back of the mirror), thanks to which the main mirror and the whole tube quickly balance the temperature to the ambient temperature.

Assembly BESser EXOS-2 GOTO is a rigid tripod with a parallactic head equipped with a system of electronic search and positioning of GO-TO objects. Independent motion in the axis of right ascension (RA) and declination (Dec) takes place smoothly and evenly (with a small PE period error) thanks to four precision steel bearings. Precision worm gears allow the telescope to rotate and precisely track objects. Nine speed ranges allow you to quickly set the telescope to the desired area of ••the sky.

The drive can be powered by 8 R20 batteries, through a cigarette lighter socket or with the help of an AC adapter.

The assembly is intended for demanding observers. The AutoStar Meade # 497 system with GoTo system and a database of 30000 objects enables easy searching and tracking of planets, stars, star clusters, galaxies and satellites. The AutoStar controller has attractive routes in its database. Just enter the date, time and location. The AutoStar driver can be updated via resources available for download from the manufacturer's website ( For example, you can download information about new comets and enter them into the assembly control database.

Solid construction, excellent installation finish combined with a stable tripod allows for visual observations and top-level photography.

This assembly is a modernized version of the Meade LXD75 assembly - it cooperates with cables and drivers for Meade LXD75 assembly.

Technical parameters of the optical tube

• Optical system: Newton's telescope
• Type of mirror: rotating paraboloid
• Diameter: 203 mm (8 '')
• Focal length: 800 mm
• light: f / 4
• Switching capacity: 0.68 ''
• Maximum usable magnification: 400x
• Dimensions of the tube: 700x250x250 [mm]
• Weight: 9.3kg

Technical parameters of assembly

• type of assembly: paralactic German class EQ-5
• drive: direct current motors with optical encoders in both axes
• GOTO system: yes, Meade # 497 Autostar driver with a database of over 30,000 objects
• remote control: yes
• illuminated polar field: yes
• software: Autostar Suite AE
• possibility of guiding: yes ( vide : frequently asked questions, below)
• power supply: 12 V 8 batteries type D (R20) or optional power supply
• maximum load: 13 kg
• periodic error correction (PEC)
• HPP (High-Precision Pointing) system
• instructions in Polish: yes
• shelf for accessories: yes
• head weight: 6.3 kg
• counterweight: 1x 4.5 kg
• tripod weight: 2.9 kg
• height of the tripod: 68 - 108 cm
• field tripod: steel, 2 "legs

Equipment included

The set includes the following accessories:

• Crayford 1:10 2 '' spectacle lens with reduction to 1.25 "
• Adapter for 2 "glasses
• 8x50 finder with cross thread
• Main mirror cooling system
• EXOS-2 parallactic assembly with a GOTO system controlled by a remote control
• Eyepiece: SPL 25 mm (magnification 32x)


the planet
star clusters


2 years



(Moon, click to enlarge)

(M13 in Hercules, click to enlarge)