Samyang 800mm ED f/8 lens T2 Samyang opinie

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Samyang 800mm ED f/8 lens T2
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Samyang 800mm ED f/8 lens T2
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Lens Samyang 800 mm ED f / 8 mirror

The Samyang 800 mm lens allows you to take even larger close-ups than the 500 mm version while still maintaining a very compact size.

Thanks to the mirror construction, the length of the lens remained very small. Ideally suited for astrophotography, nature photography and everywhere where very close approximations are required (example pictures in the gallery).

The lens is made very solidly and precisely with high quality optical glass (all coated layers). It has a metal casing. It provides high quality photos, it is also much cheaper than equivalents with similar parameters.

It is a manual lens with constant light. However, this is not a problem at such high focal lengths. A tripod may be necessary to make a still image.

The universal T2 mount allows you to connect the lens to Canon, Nikon, Sony / Minolta, Olympus, and Pentax frames. (The adapter required to connect the lens to the body of a particular brand is available separately.)

The set includes a practical cover and caps. In our offer there are also covers, converters 1.4x and 2x (focal length increases then twice).

In the case of bodies with the APS-C type matrix (the majority of amateur SLRs), the focal length should be multiplied by 1.5-1.6x. Actual focal length of the lens is then even 1280mm !!


• focal length: 800 mm
• aperture: 8.0
• minimum sharpening distance: 3.5 m
• focusing: manual
• angle of view: 3 degrees
• Diameter of filter thread: 105 mm
• lens design: 8 elements in 8 groups, multilayer anti-reflective coatings
• fixing: T2 - Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony / Minolta, Pentax (adapter available separately)
• length: 144 mm (maximum)
• Diameter: 111 mm
• weight: 946 g

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QUESTION : How do you attach this lens to your camera body?

Answer: To connect a manual lens with a T2 thread and a camera body, you must have the correct T-2 ring. SEE THE PUSH OFFER T2


MC - short for English Mulit Coated. It means that multi-layered anti-reflective coatings preventing reflection of light from the surface were applied on the glass. MC layers increase the optical efficiency (transmission) of optics and minimize glare.

IF - short for English Internal Focusing. It means that in the optical construction of the lens the lens that is responsible for the focusing position is not one of the external lenses. Thanks to this solution, neither the front nor the last lens of the lens rotates, which is important when using filters or sunblinds.

The Preset lens - the lens in the construction of which the ring is located to set the aperture value.

ED - means the use of extra low dispersion lens in the construction of the objective lens. Such lenses are characterized by less cleavage of the components of the visible spectrum, thanks to their use, chromatic aberration is minimized.

Chromatic aberration - this is a feature of the lens or optical system resulting from different focusing distances for individual colors of the light spectrum. Its result is colored discolorations visible on the borders of the contrasting areas of the image observed by the lens or lens. In order to minimize it, ED lenses are used or go in the direction of mirrored structures, which are not affected by this optical disadvantage.

Aspherical - a lens that contains in its optical construction an aspherical lens, i.e. in which at least one of the surfaces is not a section of the sphere. Due to this shape, spherical aberration is prevented. The disadvantage is that more and less non-axially moving light rays are focused at different points, which causes the image to blur. Examples of such lenses are Samyang 85mm f / 1.4 IF MC or Samyang 8mm f / 3.5 fish-eye IF MC.

Mirror lens - this is a type of telephoto construction in which, apart from the lenses, also parabolic mirrors are used. Thanks to such a construction, the length of the housing decreases and its diameter grows. Typically, lenses with this design are also lighter. Another characteristic feature is the impossibility of changing the aperture.

Scheme of the mirror lens:

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