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Camrock tripod XT020 + H110 head
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Camrock tripod XT020 + H110 head
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Camrock tripod from the professional XT series for demanding users. Exceptionally solid and stable structure, high durability and functionality. It is perfect for use with spotting scopes up to 100mm in diameter, including binoculars up to 4 kg, SLRs, heavier medium format cameras and cameras.

The tripod has a removable central column, which when unfolded can be used as a monopod up to 147 cm high - great for taking pictures "quickly", very useful for bird watchers as a monopod for birding binoculars . The column can also be mounted upside down, making it easier, for example, to taking pictures of small objects close to the ground.

The standard 3/8 "(inch) thread allows the attachment of any head with such a thread. The H110 head is equipped with a 1/4" thread.
Comes with a case with a shoulder strap.

Pistol head with quick-release coupling, double anti-release latch and built-in two spirit levels. Made of high quality metal. Very functional and solid. It allows you to quickly change the setting of the binoculars, the telescope of the camera or the camera in three planes.
In total, the lifting capacity of the tripod + head set is 4 kg, you can successfully hang on it, among others telescopes: Bresser Pirsch 20-80x100, Celestron 22-66x100, Yukon 6-100x100, binoculars such as Celestron SkyMaster 25x100, TPL 20x80 and others.

Technical parameters of the tripod / tripod

• height of the tripod when unfolded (without the head): 147 cm
• height of the monopod when unfolded (without the head): 147cm
• minimum working height of a tripod (without the head): 43cm
• length of a compound tripod (without the head): 52.5 cm
• number of leg sections: 3
• head mounting: standard 3/8 inch thread
• maximum capacity: 5 kg
• weight: 1.97 kg
• Material: aluminum
• cover - included

Technical parameters of the head

• height: 21.5 cm
• horizontal rotation: 360 °
• tilt: up to 90 °
• quick coupler: YES, with double anti-release lock
• maximum capacity: 5 kg
• weight: 0.85 kg
• tripod mount: 3/8 inch (9.5mm)
• material: cast metal
• thread / head mounting: 1/4 inch (standard)


2 years

(high photographic tripod with a ball head)

(height-adjustable tripod - here folded to the minimum height)

(movability of the ball head with pistol brake)

(the ball head is movable 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically)

(operation of the ball head)

(the column with the head can be used as a photographic monopod)

(complete set: tripod, head, transport cover - both elements can be mixed in it at once)

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