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Rotary map of sky (PTMA) in foil
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Rotary map of sky (PTMA) in foil
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Rotating sky map - necessary equipment for every sky observer. The map shows the appearance of the sky at any time every day of the year. It contains stars visible to the naked eye (up to 5 magnitudes) and the most nebulous objects. The perimeter calendar allows you to synchronize the date with the observation time. The oval on the foil cover reflects the horizon line, and the numbers - hours in Central European time.

On the back of the map there is a table with coordinates of planets (2012 - 2017), thanks to which you can determine their positions in the sky. The planets are not plotted on the map because they change their position with respect to stars over time. In relation to the cardboard version, the presented map has a more accurate hourly scale (up to 5 minutes), contains a local meridian line, a zenith point and additional lines allowing to determine the height of objects above the horizon (30 and 60 degrees), it is more resistant to moisture, and thanks to its high flexibility - also for fractures, it has a suspension bracket, which at the same time is a measuring device for determining the angular distances in the sky (1/2, 1, 5 and 10 degrees).

The map's stars have been printed with a special fluorescent paint that has the ability to shine in the dark. To fully use this feature of the map, it should be lit for a few moments with the light of a strong lamp. With the passage of minutes, the stars' brightness is slowly decreasing, but they can be excited again by further lighting with a source of strong light. The lighting process can be repeated any number of times. NOTE: the fluorescence value of the map does not work in conditions of observation of the sky, because the map lighting affects the adaptation of the eyes to the dark, and the illuminated map of the sky shines about 3 minutes.

• Format: 22.5x25 cm
• Binding: foiled cardboard
• Publisher: EMA-POL

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