Bresser Science ADL-601P 50x-600x laboratory microscopes opinie

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Bresser Science ADL-601P 50x-600x
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Bresser Science ADL-601P 50x-600x
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Bresser Science ADL-601P 50x-600x is an advanced microscope for conducting advanced tests in transmitted and reflected light.

In this microscope, a 20W halogen illuminator was used for observation in the light transmitted with the function of precise regulation of the intensity of lighting.

The photographic turret allows the use of the most modern digital microscope cameras. The microscope head is inclined at an optimal angle of 30 °. In the basic configuration, the microscope allows you to achieve magnifications of 50x - 600x.

Thanks to the polarizing cap (polarizer) this instrument is adapted to conduct advanced observations of both biological samples as well as material and mechanical samples. Microscopes of this type are used in the research process carried out at universities and in the case of production control of devices using advanced micro-technological elements. Halogen illumination used in observations of reflected light passes through the lens directly onto the object and can be modified for special applications by means of color filters and combinations of a polarizer - analyzer.

The ADL 601P science microscope has a four-axis rotary revolver, a precise cross table with a scale of ? mm, coaxial focus control (coarse and fine), dioptric adjustment and a photo turret.

Optionally, the microscope is able to work with a full range of additional accessories: wide-angle glasses (WF16x), plano-achromatic lenses (also 100x oil), iris diaphragms, dark field condensers (dry and oil), immersion oils, sets for phase contrast, filters (blue, green, yellow, polarizing).

This microscope is compatible with field diaphragms to obtain Kohler's illumination.

Technical parameters

• head type: three-eyed
• magnification: 50x - 600x
• DIN WF glasses: 10x - 2 pieces (23 mm)
• lenses: PL 5x / PLL 10x / PLL 40x / PLL 60x
• lighting: HAL, 20W 6V


• three eyepiece head
• polarizing cap
• stage
• 2-lens condenser
• halogen illuminator for lower and upper lighting
• lighting in the Kohler system
• smooth regulation of light intensity
• Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with height adjustment
• iris diaphragm aperture
• filter holder
• coarse and precise focusing system (coaxial)
& bull power supply (230 V)
• blue and natural filter
• immersion oil
• a plastic protective cover for storage


2 years

Additional information

On request, when buying this microscope, we offer installation at the Recipient and initial training on device operation throughout Poland for the price of the product (free). The date of the visit is determined individually, depending on the capacity of the Recipient and the free time of a qualified employee.