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Pulsar Digiforce 870 VS
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Pulsar Digiforce 870 VS
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Pulsar Digiforce are the latest Pulsar digital night vision goggles in the new version! Pulsar Digiforce is another stage in the evolution of the digital night vision, which is gaining more and more recognition not only among amateur fans of nocturnal observation, but also among professionals, hunters, and uniformed services. New to Recon night vision devices is a brand new CMOS sensor 1/3 "with very high spectral sensitivity, up to 0.00004 mW / 780 nm, which translates into much lower image noise and sharper details of the target being observed. also three times less energy consumption compared to the "old" CCD sensor used in Recon, so the operation time for a single set of batteries has increased up to 12 hours! Digiforce has increased the magnification up to 16x, which significantly increases the effective range of observation. The Pulsar Digiforce series includes both inexpensive models with a built-in video recorder, devices with invisible, laser illuminators and the best night-vision devices on the market, X series with SumLight technology, which provides a real detection range of over half a kilometer!

The Pulsar Digiforce 870 VS has an invisible infrared illuminator of 915 nm and a detection range of 300 m.

The heart of the night vision device is a very sensitive digital CMOS sensor. In contrast to traditional night-vision goggles this transducer is insensitive to strong light and almost indestructible. The night vision can be opened without any fear at daytime and used in places where there is a possibility of strong lighting (lanterns, spotlights, flashlights). The image is displayed on the high quality of the display visible through the eyepiece.

An important feature for some is the presence of an analog video output. The night vision can be used as a very sensitive CCTV camera connecting to the CCTV system, in contrast to typical cameras, this device allows you to observe the terrain in completely darkened places.

The Digiforce body has a Weaver mount and a 1/4 inch socket that allows you to attach various accessories. The night vision is powered by four AA / R6 type batteries.

The Digiforce night vision device will be an excellent tool in the hands of nature lovers, security guards and detectives - it is ideal for both professional and amateur uses, in particular such as:

- field observations,
- thinking and trapping,
- sport and night navigation,
- fishing and sailing,
- search and rescue operations,
- maintenance and repair of equipment in the field.

Pulsar Digiforce is a lightweight, handy and innovative device - and what is extremely important - resistant to daylight! It is one of the smallest and most convenient night vision devices on the market in its class!

Technical parameters

• generation: digital
• sensor: CMOS 1/3 "
• resolution of the sensor: 640 x 480 pixels
• LCD display
• display resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
• magnification: 6.5 x
• horizontal field of view: 4.6 °
• infra-red illuminator: diode, ? = 915 nm
• divergence of the illuminator beam: 7 degrees
• maximum detection range (with the illuminator on): 300 m
• Lens diameter: 50 mm F / 1.0
• a minimum distance of acute vision: 5 m
• diopter adjustment range: -5 / +5
• power supply: 3.8 - 6.5 V (4xAA)
• maximum working time on one set of batteries:
- with the illuminator turned off: 12 hours
- with included illuminator: 9 hours
• external power supply: 5 V, miniUSB
• standard of the output signal: PAL
• tripod mount: 1/4 "
• range of functional temperatures: -15 to +45 ° C
• dimensions: 176 x 83 x 62 mm
• weight (without batteries / with batteries): 420 g / 700 g

Additional equipment included

• batteries
• cloth for optics
• case
• video cable


3 years

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