Levenhuk Strike NG 50 refractors opinie

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Levenhuk Strike NG 50
Availability: product is not availabe at the moment - please contact us (kontakt@teleskopy.pl) in order to obtain information on availability time

price w/o VAT: €56

Levenhuk Strike NG 50
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Levenhuk Strike 50 NG is a great telescope for children, ideal for observing clusters of stars, moon craters, the atmosphere of Jupiter and its four largest moons, as well as the phases of Venus, Saturn rings and double stars, for which the separation of components is 2 , 5 seconds of arc. Observations can be started immediately after removing the telescope from the box.

The initial model of the Strike NG series was designed for children and adolescents. Azimuthal assembly is easy to set up, and the optics of the set allow you to achieve a magnification of 200x, which allows you to conduct astronomical observations and objects on the ground.

Levenhuk Strike NG is a completely new series of telescopes for novice and amateur astronomers. Levenhuk Strike NG telescopes are a reasonable proposition for people who do not want to waste time assembling and adjusting the telescope settings or choosing from numerous accessories. In addition to the telescope itself, the set contains optical instruments for astronomical observations and observations of objects on the ground, as well as astronomy guides that are interesting and useful for both beginners and more advanced users. All this makes the Levenhuk Strike NG series one of the best telescopes for beginners.

The set contains all the elements that make the observations fascinating and entertaining. Providing a lot of information, guides and advanced software allow you to find the selected object in the night sky even for beginners. This magnificent telescope is packed in a colorful box and can be an ideal gift for any astronomy adept who will enjoy it for many years.

The advancement level of this set will exceed your expectations

The contents of the set

• Levenhuk Strike NG telescope with azimuthal assembly
• stainless steel tripod
• plastic focusing tube 0.965 "
• two glasses 0.965 ": F20 mm, F6 mm
• Barlow lens 3x
• 3 x 20 finder
• diagonal mirror
• "See everything!" - an astronomer's guide containing descriptions of 280 celestial bodies
• a set of posters depicting celestial bodies (Moon, Sun and other stars, Solar System)
• planisphere
• a CD with Stellarium software that will help you during astronomical observations
• compass
• user manual and warranty for a lifetime


lifetime manufacturer's warranty, 2-year shop warranty