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Sky-Watcher Evostar 72 ED OTA
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Sky-Watcher Evostar 72 ED OTA
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New from Sky-Watcher! A great proposition for people who want to start their adventure with serious astrophotography. The use of low-dispersion (ED) glass, short focal length and low weight mean that Evostar puts much lower requirements in relation to the carrying capacity of the assembly than probably the most popular among beginner Newton 150/750 astrophotographers. This type of telescope is also great for visual observations as a short-focal sky survey instrument.

Optical system

It is a two-element refractor with low dispersion glass ED lenses. At an aperture of 72 mm and a focal length of 420 mm, we get an instrument with a high light output of f / 5.8. Thanks to this, Evostar 72 ED is perfect for astrophotography, allowing you to use shorter exposure times than instruments with lower light output. In visual observations, the short focal length enables a very wide field of view to be achieved, which, combined with high-quality optics, makes the Evostar an excellent instrument for sky inspection.


Tube without assembly, equipped with dovetail. Thanks to the very low weight, the tube can be used in astrophotography already on a relatively light paralactic assembly. For visual observations, a stable photographic tripod or a light azimuth mount is sufficient.

Spectacle lift

The telescope is equipped with a precision Crayford hood with micro-movements (dual speed) with a diameter of 2 "

Ground observations

A telescope with this type of optics is very well suited for ground-based observations. The use of a prismatic angle attachment allows the telescope to be used as a very good quality observation telescope with the possibility of shooting with a given focal length.

Technical parameters

• optical system: ED refractor (doublet)
• lens diameter: 72 mm
• focal length: 420 mm
• luminous: 1/5.8
• maximum useful magnification: 144x
• dovetail: yes, in the Vixen standard
• extractor: 2 "with a 10: 1 microfocus box
• weight: 1.95 kg (4.9 kg complete with suitcase)


60 months (5 years) for mechanics and 2 years for electronics (manufacturer's warranty)

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