Levenhuk Mak 105 Skyline Plus for beginners opinie

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Levenhuk Mak 105 Skyline Plus
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Levenhuk Mak 105 Skyline Plus
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Levenhuk Skyline PLUS 105 MAK is the perfect astronomy tool for a beginner astronomy enthusiast - a combination of an excellent optical tube in the Maksutov system and an equatorial EQ-2 class mounted on a stable field tripod.

A 102 mm aperture collects 28% more light than a 90 mm aperture. The long focal length (1300 mm) provides high magnification and sharp images for planetary observation and astrophotography.

Optical tube
Maksutów optical system is one of the most valued optical constructions, widely appreciated for its mobility, ease of use and multifunctionality. It is an excellent choice for both astronomical observations, as well as terrestrial and airplane observations. Excellent optics ensure an exceptionally sharp image across the entire field of view. The telescope consists of a meniscus correction plate, a main mirror and a secondary mirror on the inner side of the meniscus. These telescopes have a reduced coma and only show residual chromatic aberration, giving very sharp and clear images. The great advantage of Maksutov telescopes is their compact and compact design and low weight. Due to the significant focal length and small luminosity, they are perfect for planetary observations. A construction of this kind works well in urban conditions, where the main emphasis is on objects of the solar system, not on nebulae.

Additional advantages
• focusing
The focusing is not performed through the external sliding hoist, but through the micrometric screw that moves the main mirror of the telescope. This method of focusing the image provides a very wide range of focus adjustment, thanks to which virtually any astronomical accessories work well with this tube, and the clearances on the extractor simply do not exist.

• T2 thread in the eyepiece
The eyepiece extractor is equipped with a T2 thread (M42x0.75), thanks to which you only need a T2 ring on the bayonet of your camera (Nikon, Nikon One, Canon EOS, Sony α / A to connect an SLR or mirrorless camera) , Sony NEX / E, Olympus E / 4/3, Micro 4/3, Pentax K). In this way, we can use the telescope to take pictures of the moon and planets or use it as a 1300 mm f / 13 telephoto lens.

EQ-2 equatorial mount
The EQ-2 class equatorial mount ensures good stiffness and precision of the classic German mount structure, which is very good for visual observations, and is suitable for the first astrophotographic attempts. The head is equipped with micromovements in right ascension and declination and is mounted on a rigid and light aluminum tripod with adjustable height.




Technical parameters

• Optical system: Maksutov - Cassegrain
• Objective diameter: 102 mm
• Focal length of the lens: 1,300 mm
• Lighted up: 1/13
• Resolving power: 1.1 ''
• Theoretical stellar range: 13th magnitude
• Maximum useful magnification: 200x
• Tripod height [cm]: 70 - 123
• Total weight: about 8 kg (including tube: 1.94 kg)


The set includes the following accessories:

• 1.25 '' eyepiece lift
• glasses: 20 mm (over 65x) and 10 mm (over 130x) - 1.25 '' standard
• 90 ° angle mirror connector (gives an inverted, terrestrial image)
• Star Pointer type finder (collimator)
• EQ-2 class parallactic assembly
• light and stable aluminum tripod


lifetime manufacturer's warranty, 2-year store warranty







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